Davenport, Iowa

Davenport is a city in the American state of Iowa. It is dominated by the nearby presence of the Rock Island Construct, the largest Iteration X construct in North America. As such, Traditionalist presence is limited and hidden.

At one point in time, the Ecstatic mage Gabrielle Harrison operated more openly in the city. Since her death, however, the only other mage of consequence was the Verbena Adept Eleanor Morris. Eleanor is a spy for the Council of Nine, whose thrall husband is a high-level Iteration X supervisor at the Construct. However, since her daughter Christine’s defection to the demon Jerusha, Eleanor has left to find her, and her influence at the Construct is tenuous.

Formerly, the cabal known as the Children of Vision also operated in Davenport. Its members included Christine Morris, Sid Sterling (now slain), Will Harrison, Sonia Farooqi, and Jahan Meshadi (former Marauder, currently slain). The latter three members, along with the Orphan America Anders, fled to Cincinnati.

Two Celestial Choristers are the only Traditionalist mages known to still operate in Davenport. They have influence on the Catholic school system there. Beyond this, a coven of acolyte and potentially sorcerer Verbena also remains.

Davenport was the headquarters of Jerusha for twenty years, and the presence of more Nephandi cannot be ruled out.

Amalgam AT-12 operated out of Davenport. Although Cadence Richmond was slain in the line of duty by Jacob, the other four members (Xifeng Lin, Russ Jones, Ben Bickley, and James McAvoy) were all transferred to Cincinnati.

Davenport is home to the Starlight Passage, one of three methods of time travel outside of a Master by which Gabrielle said Alex and Daniel could have reached her. She referred to it as a vile place.

Davenport, Iowa

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