Daughters of Mnemosyne

The Daughters of Mnemosyne are a secret cabal formed by Gabrielle to work against Kal and stop the endless cycle of cataclysm. They overlap heavily with the Adepts of Time (5 of their members were members of both) but don’t represent them exclusively. Originally 9 in number, Kite, Kouamé, and Juanita added Daniel as a tenth member before Kite’s assassination.

Daniel Amar Cult of Ecstasy
Matt Coronas Chakravanti

Ursula – Iteration X

Alethia – True Brujah
Kouamé Bekoe – Ravnos, formerly Void Engineer
John Taylor – Tremere

Cécile Beauchene – Chakravanti
Juanita (La Niña Bonita) – Chakravanti
Kite – Cult of Ecstasy
Jessica Wilder Dreamspeakers

In order to evade detection, members identify each other with poetry, selected by Gabrielle, dealing with time and memory and muse and armageddon. The poetry flows into their heads as needed, and is always changing, but members always recognize the correct verse at any given time.

Daughters of Mnemosyne

Song of the Earth Dreamchain