Cincinnati is a city in the American state of Ohio. It is the location of the Chantrymobile, that houses the Avengers cabal. Current members of the Avengers are: Daniel Amar, America Anders, Alex Cinna, Davey Darkefell, Sonia Farooqi, and Will Harrison. The chantry also houses Dylan Harrison; the Ravnos, Jacob; the raven Ren; and Dreamspeaker Jianyu Zheung.

Besides Alex Cinna, there is a healthy Order of Hermes presence in Cincinnati: James Mountjoy headed an Order-specific chantry in the city, as did Hermetic barabbi Nadira Mendoza. Both are now deceased.

Eleanor has also transferred here. There is an even larger Verbena presence here. Sapphira Wilson has been in their care since her resurrection and redemption from the Nephandi.

There used to be two Dreamspeakers in the city, but since Trista Hanford’s conversion to the Technocracy, Jianyu is the only one remaining.

Cincinnati was currently plagued by two Marauders: the powerful Time Master Joshua, and Jahan Meshadi, formerly an Avenger himself. They have both been removed from the Tellurian now.

On the Technocracy side, Cincinnati is a Syndicate city. Xifeng Lin supervises two amalgams here: QH-97, specifically chartered to remove Joshua from Earth, and WU-51, which deals with more general threats to Cincinnati.

Cincinnati has one unusual feature: a neutral ground maintained by the Old Man, Charles Delaney, a human in his late 80’s. The Old Man’s is a safe haven for any supernatural (or aware human). Ben Bickley of WU-51 lived there shortly after Awakening. This Elysium is enforced by the Prince of the city, a friend of Delaney’s from the 20’s.

The Prince, John Taylor, is a Tremere neonate. His power is maintained by his ally, Alethia, a Brujah of incredible strength and age. Other members of his court include Jozef and the Toreador Apollonia.

Finally, Jerusha is believed to reside in Cincinnati at least part of the time. Her retinue includes the barabbi Gavin, and infernalists Nina and Christine.


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