Amalgam WU-51

Amalgam WU-51 is an amalgam based out of Cincinnati, OH. It was constituted after Xifeng Lin‘s promotion to supervisor, to deal with general supernatural threats to Cincinnati. It formerly acted as backup to AT-12’s mission to capture Sonia Farooqi, before it absorbed AT-12, and acted as reserve to QH-97’s mission to eliminate the Time Marauder Joshua Lopez before QH-97 was ultimately successful. Responsibility for the Marauder Jahan Meshadi also fell within the purview of WU-51.

Currently with the defection of Xifeng Lin to the Chakravanti, the murder of Ben Bickley by James McAvoy, revealed as a Nephandus, it’s a mess.

Its current line-up is:

Zahir al Shahrani – Syndicate (command)
Charlotte Bailey – Void Engineers (second-in-command)
Russ Jones – New World Order

Former members include slain Iterators Vic Jacques , Ben Bickley, and Mel Clarke and Man in Black Brendon Bern; fallen Progenitor James McAvoy; Iterator Peter Fischer, transferred to Prosthetics; and Woman in Black Xifeng Lin, now a deviant.

Amalgam WU-51

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