Amalgam QH-97

Amalgam QH-97 is a Void Engineer amalgam based out of Cincinnati, OH. It was assembled to deal with the Marauder threat of Joshua Lopez. Responsibility for the Marauder Jahan Meshadi also fell semi-officially within the purview of QH-97.

Between the completion of its mission and Xifeng Lin‘s defection to the Chakravanti, it’s status is indeterminate.

Kouamé Bekoe – Void Engineers (command)
Keisha Morrison – Void Engineers (second-in-command)*
Siera Love – Void Engineers
Lacey Norton – Void Engineers
Thomas Way – Void Engineers (quarter-time member)

  • Void Engineers are less concerned with rank than other Traditions. Keisha’s role is largely to regulate the amalgam and remove anyone, including Kouamé and formerly Xifeng, if they become too influenced by the Marauders, and her authority in this makes her a de facto leader. In the event that all three were removed, Siera would likely take over due to being Enlightened, but she doesn’t have any particular authority over Lacey as is.
    Thomas Way was added as a quarter time member after it became clear Joshua could interfere with Kouamé’s equipment.

After the events of Black Tuesday, QH-97 has been completely successful in their mission. Joshua was sealed away beyond the known universe (albeit with assistance from RD Alex Cinna) and Jahan Meshadi was ultimately slain. There were no casualties within QH-97.

Members will likely be reassigned in the New Year.

Amalgam QH-97

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