Vic Jacques

The Double Agent


Vic is a tall, light-skinned person of indeterminate gender. Standing at 5’11", they have reddish-blonde hair, usually cut short, and hazel eyes. Vic’s actual dress varies from day to day—one day a suit, another day a dress.


Vic Jacques was a genderfluid Mage and a member of the Virtual Adepts who participated on the raid on the Rock Island Construct led by Kate and Linda. Like Linda, their identity was uncovered during the raid. Unlike Linda, they were captured, tortured, and reconditioned into a Technocrat, a member of Iteration X.

Before their capture, Vic was involved in planning the raid with Kate, Linda, and two Adepts who went by Gimel and Ryu. They advised Will on how to rescue Jahan, and not to involve Sonia in the attempt.

Like Ben, Vic was given the 5th degree as a former Virtual Adept and someone not quite proven trustworthy yet. Assigned to the newly-formed Amalgam WU-51 (something their own actions had helped create), they were placed under the command of Agent Xifeng Lin.

Becoming a Technocrat hadn’t changed much about their personality. They asked Xifeng not to disclose their gender assignment to the rest of their team. Vic ignored the people who had a problem with it, except for Peter—given his actions as a harasser were well-known Vic took great pleasure in trolling and harassing him.

Mostly Vic worked with Ben. Their first time out on the field was Super Tuesday, where they worked remotely in the field to attack the chantry. They were both disabled by the arrival of Jerusha, Sapphira, and the other Nephandi.

Later that year, Ben, Xifeng, and Vic went to a carnival. Joshua appeared and claimed it, and Vic was one of a couple hundred people who disappeared when he was through. The Technocrats managed to find all but a few dozen people over the next few days, but Vic seemed gone for good.

A few months later, Peter Fischer came to Xifeng’s office to apologize for demoting her over not sleeping with him, using seeming sincere if textbook apologies. His motivation was to get her to call off Vic from harassing him. Xifeng didn’t find this funny, but he didn’t know Vic had ever been missing. She found footage of Vic assaulting him, and after viewing it Vic appeared. Their demeanor toward Xifeng was completely different than it had been toward Peter—who they wouldn’t be visiting anymore but didn’t expect would be harassing anyone else—and just as friendly as it had been when they hung out before they had disappeared.

Xifeng pulled her sidearm, and Vic seemed to take it in stride, saying they’d been traveling with a Time Marauder. They offered to to take Xifeng to see her brother, Chenglei. Xifeng’s brother committed suicide 16 years ago as a teenager. Xifeng accepted in order to collect information on the Marauder. As they left, Brendon Bern tackled them and traveled with the group.

They reappeared some 5-600 years in the future. There is no sign of people and they can’t contact the Technocracy for help—there’s been some kind of cataclysm between now and then that creates too much interference. Vic reminds them they can’t do anything as they are not a Time Mage, that’s Joshua. After Brendon sends him a distress signal, he sends them back to Xifeng’s past. Here she learns that Chenglei committed suicide because of Joshua’s influence.

Back in the present, Vic is dropped in among the Technocrats, but Kouamé and Brendon are frozen in time and can’t help Xifeng. Vic tells Xifeng about all the wonders they have seen before telling her they’re still a Technocrat and grabbing the frozen Kouamé’s sidearm. Xifeng shoots them to protect Kouamé, but as they’re pushing him out of the way, just gets them in the shoulder. Xifeng realizes Vic is trying to commit suicide by cop. Kouamé, unfrozen, can’t stop Joshua from extracting Vic, and Vic can’t stop themself from going back—and doesn’t want to. Looking into Vic’s eyes, Xifeng shoots and kills them.

Vic Jacques

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