The Pretty Girl


La Niña Bonita wears the visage and mantle of Santisima Muerte, at least while in the Low Umbra. Her actual appearance is unknown, save that she has a Mexican accent. She may or may not be a Master of Entropy and/or Spirit.


Juanita, or La Niña Bonita, as she is known in the Traditions, represents the Chakravanti Tradition on the Council of Nine, holding the Seat of Entropy. This makes her a Master, more than likely (though not necessarily) of Entropy. She is also a Spirit mage.

She first encounters Alex Cinna in the Low Umbra after he is shot by Charlotte Bailey and falls into a coma. She remarks that she felt the passage of a Nephandus precede him, and then a giant discharge of energy, which she came to investigate. Wearing the visage of La Niña Bonita herself, she bars his way, relentlessly repeating her question until Alex tells her he accessed a reserve of Forces untouched since the early 1800s. After learning what she could about it, and that he intended to return to Life to destroy it, she let him go, after learning his name and giving her the name she uses.

Though Alex recognized it, he did not know her real, legal name, nor the face she wears when she is not wearing the mantle of Santisima Muerte.

Moments after they parted ways, La Niña Bonita saved Alex from falling into the Third Precinct of the Low Umbra, giving him a walking stick to find his way because even though it was important for him to do it on his own, she “hates seeing kids suffer.”

Juanita was next seen when Daniel went to see Kite. She and Kouamé Bekoe decided to test him, making him into a Daughter of Mnemosyne and sharing her memories with him. Unfortunately Kate was able to follow the Avengers to Kite’s pocket realm, murdering the Master. Juanita sacrificed herself to buy the others time to escape. Her current fate is unknown.


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