Nadira Ortega Mendoza

The Bad Gambler


Nadira was a small Latina woman of 5’2" tall. She had curly brown hair down to her shoulders and was in her mid-forties. Her eyes were dark brown.


Nadira used to be the master of the Hermetic chantry in Cincinnati, but she lost control of it to Mountjoy after an incident deemed to be “gross financial incompetence.” Some might have even heard rumors of a financial error by “a factor of 10” but the result was that a younger, less powerful, and less experienced mage controls the chantry.

When Matt and Xifeng are tracking Will and Jacob, he brings her inside the Hermetic chantry, blindfolded, but after Mountjoy learns she is a Woman in Black, he summons ball lightning, ready to kill her. Xifeng takes off her blindfold to see Matt with a knife at his throat; he makes it clear he will kill him if Mountjoy kills her. Mountjoy agrees to let Nadira teleport them to Davenport, but Matt has burned his bridges with the Cincinnati Hermetics.

After this incident, Nadira leads Alex to attempt to assassinate Xifeng and Charlotte Bailey while they are highly Arcane and their targets are eating lunch. She lies about it being sanctioned by the Order. Her motives for doing so are unclear, but the mission is a disaster, despite her “foreseeing little difficulty.” Alex accidentally kills a bystander. Charlotte, though badly burned, uses a Sleeper’s arm to steady her so she can shoot Alex, who is currently threatening her boss: she blows out his chest. Nadira attempts to execute her and the Sleeper both but is killed by Xifeng Lin before she can. Alex brings the whole place down with an earthquake before slipping into a coma.

After this incident, between her willingness to kill a Sleeper, lying to Alex, and other clues, Mountjoy begins to suspect she was a Nephandus.

Alex’s Avatar frequently manifests as Nadira, particularly when it wants to hurt him.

Nadira Ortega Mendoza

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