Matt Coronas

The Chakravanti


Matt is tall, standing about 6’2", with the well-honed physique that comes with the regular exertion of people trying to kill you (or you killing other people). He is a serious-looking black man in his mid-to-late thirties, dark-eyed and short-haired. He moves very little.


Matt is Sonia’s powerful and mysterious mentor. He Awakened her at the age of 14, after a serial rapist placed her mother in a coma. After she was able to spot him, despite being Arcane, he took her with him to hunt down the killer, rescued his next victim, and manipulated events so that Sonia was forced to kill him to save her own life. He then administered to Sonia the Agama, the Little Death. She came back under own power as an Awakened Mage.

He spent the next year a half training her as a Chakravanti. Sonia moved to Davenport as much because San Jose became too hot—HIT Marks once attacked them in Matt’s living room—as for any other reason.

Despite offering some long-distance assistance, Matt first comes to Davenport after the cabal kills Jeffrey and Will and Jahan enter the Network psychically and become briefly trapped there.

Afterwards, Will asks him to help him tests his mental firewall. Matt tells him about jhor before devastating his defenses, mentally testing how likely he is to kill again. Then he rakes through Will’s memories, trying to get Will to drive him out on his own. After viewing Will’s memories of Gabrielle, he apologizes and leaves.

Suspicious of Jacob, Matt and Sonia confront him at Will’s house. Juggler leaps at them psychically. Matt manages to shove Juggler back into Jacob, but between Juggler and Jacob’s psychic attacks (aided a bit by Will dropping a bookshelf on him) Jacob completely mentally overpowers Matt.

The next day, he was tracked to his hotel by Octavia Debussy and her amalgam, fashioned for the purpose of capturing him, codename Odysseus. He recognizes her, though she did not recognize him. She promised him his life if he surrendered. Driven by fate, he came out with his hands up, a dagger in each hand, and threw them each into a Technocrat, and then dropped to the ground. He managed to escape somehow, although was believed dead for some time.

The next time he reemerges it is in Venice where he has the social stature in the Traditions to order Alex to Davenport to aid his student and her cabal. He also sends another Hermetic Gwendolyn Reyes, to Chicago to work on other matters.

After Sonia breaks her cabal, Matt and his mentor, Cécile, take her back to Toulon, France. Cécile takes control of the situation and his student, telling him that he’s coddled her, and putting her through intense and grueling training for a month.

He reappears during the events of Super Tuesday, after the Nephandi have all but defeated the combined remnants of the cabal and amalgam. He makes Sapphira remember what really happened to her child—that she murdered her in a fit of madness—before he kills her. Charlotte, the strongest Technocrat standing, tries to take him down but he blows dust in her face and she collapses. He gives Sonia a statue of Ganesh which acts as a focus for her healing, and heals the mortal wounds done to Xifeng. Then he tells the group that Will and Jacob have been abducted and he needs an investigator, Xifeng, to help him find them. If she refuses he will kill her amalgam. She reluctantly goes with him.

Working together they are able to find his location, but the Technocracy cuts her off from their resources as she is currently Odysseus’ hostage. Matt gives her an uncoerced choice and she goes with him. He takes her blindfolded to the Hermetic chantry but when Mountjoy threatens to kill her he pulls a knife on him, making it clear if she dies, he dies and burning his bridges there. He gets Nadira to teleport them to Davenport.

During the course of the rescue Xifeng accidentally shoots Alex. Sonia and Matt’s combined power isn’t enough to heal him and the statue shatters. Matt asks for her assistance as an acolyte and she provides it. Alex is saved but enters a coma.

Frustrated by Sonia’s philosophical drifting from the Chakravanti and her growing disdain for their methods, he met with her away from the chantry on the summer solstice. He told her he would be leaving her alone for half a year, so she could decide if she was Chakravanti or Verbena without pressure from him. Then, Matt and Will have a conversation where Matt tells Will he has to lead them. Will asks what would happen if Matt told them what it is he wants. “I think you’d die.” He told Will.

He has continued to drop in on Xifeng, ordering her in September to acquire command of the new QH-97 Amalgam specifically crafted to combat Joshua. She confides in him about Mackenzie, and tells him Sapphira is back from the dead, something that actually shocks him.

He meets her again on the Day of the Dead, setting up an altar to remember their dead, like Sid. He gave her a candy skull and then after she ate it told her it was poisoned. When she induced vomiting he seemed pleased. Afterwards, he ratted out Eleanor Morris as a Tradition spy in the Technocracy via her husband, Frederick.

Matt plays a major role during Black Tuesday. In an ultimately defeated timeline, he kills Jahan the first time, drawing the ire of the cabal for his attempt to use Tamara Meshadi as bait. In the other, he appears after Sapphira kills him the first time, explaining the extent of Jahan’s madness and his vulnerability to metal. He gives Xifeng a magic pomegranate after her body has been withered, preventing her from starving to death. He is one of the strongest combatants against Jahan, but breaks off an attack to save Sonia. He is ultimately rescued by Cécile after nearly being captured by Technocrats.

Matt Coronas

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