Kouamé Bekoe

The Chrononaut


Kouamé is a tall, black man standing 6’2". He has very-short cropped curly black hair, dark eyes, and a trimmed goatee. His age is harder to determine. His skin is smooth, but it’s not easy to determine his age. Twenties? Forties? Those who work with him would detect the signs of a genegineered person, something only available to the very wealthy—or the very powerful.


Kouamé was a Void Engineer, a Chrononaut, and one of only five Time Adepts in the entire Technocracy. After he was mortally wounded in Houston, Jacob turned him into a vampire, a Ravnos.

After the Time Marauder Joshua Lopez makes himself known as a threat by disappearing several hundred people through time, including Agent Vic Jacques, Kouamé is assigned to the newly-formed Amalgam QH-97 under Xifeng Lin, with the primary objective of neutralizing Joshua.

His first encounter with Joshua is indirect—after Xifeng, Vic, and Brendon Bern return from a trip through time, Kouamé and Brendon are frozen by Joshua until Vic pushes him. Joshua tries to extract Vic, and as Kouamé will not be able to stop it, Vic commits suicide by cop. As Marauders all function independently of one another, Kouamé uses the incident to collect data on Joshua.

In late December, he comes to Xifeng’s apartment to warn her of the coming Juncture. He also shares his suspicions that something is keeping Joshua from passing beyond the Gauntlet.

While he looks young, Kouamé was born in 1905 and is geneginereed to have a youthful appearance. He is more detached than the rest of the Technocrats he works with and doesn’t really care about most things that aren’t Marauders or Nephandi. Kouamé also doesn’t really care much for the rest of the construct, but he does seem to have the time of day for Charlotte Bailey, the sole Void Engineer in WU-51.

He’s also aware that he’s generally outmatched against a Master of Time, yet alone a Marauder Master, but understands (unlike most of the rest of QH-97 and WU-51) that the Technocracy has larger concerns for Time than even the most powerful Time Marauder on the planet…

During the Juncture, Xifeng and Kouamé met Sedna, the oldest and most powerful Baruti Dreamspeaker on the planet. She created four parallel worlds centered on Xifeng and himself, so that she could pick the most successful world.

Kouamé participates in defeating Joshua and is one of the longer-lasting combatants against Jahan. Jahan takes him down at the end but he is saved from death by Brendon. After the Technocracy surrounds the survivors, Cécile hits him and the other Technocrats with smallpox to cover their escape.

Kouamé later reappears with Juanita and Kite to test Daniel’s worthiness and make him into a Daughters of Mnemosyne. He represents reason. When Katerina “Kate” Vasilyeva attacks and kills Kite, he gets the Avengers out while Juanita sacrifices herself. He takes them to Houston so he can get the Void Engineers to contact the Archmages in Space.

Unfortunately, they are more interested in torturing America for her father’s crimes than helping them. When Kouamé fights this, he is mortally wounded, and rescued by Jacob turning him into a vampire.

Kouamé Bekoe

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