The Last Master


As a Master of Time, Kite was accompanied by a constant feeling of deja vu, as the past, present, and future collide and muddle together.


Mr. Kite was one of the last two remaining Masters of Time, along with the Marauder, Joshua. He was an Ecstatic.

Kite maintained a circus in a pocket realm where he was largely removed from the world but still interacts with others who come to and from his realm. He knew Will’s mother, Gabrielle, and was responsible for her Awakening.

Of everyone in the cabal, he would only meet with Daniel, Alex, and Will, and Will only as Gabrielle’s son. Alex has correctly inferred that he is lonely: there was no one left to share his perspective.

After Xifeng and Brendon were stranded in time after meeting Joshua, Kite entered their frame of reference to collect his bees. He mocked Brendon for shooting at a man who just walked out of a bee orgy, totally unthreatened by either, and left both Technocrats—as well as the Sleepers—stranded in time with no way to return.

Ava, an Adept of Time, is known to travel with him.

During the Cataclysm, Kite, Juanita, and Kouamé Bekoe revealed their affiliation as Daughters of Mnemosyne and made Daniel one of them. He sent Ava to assist Alex in rescuing the others from Kate. Unfortunately Kate (or more to the point, Kal) was also a Master of Time, and followed them to Kite’s pocket realm. Kate murdered Kite by decaying him with extreme age: his last word was to call to his mother.


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