John Taylor

The Prince


The Prince of Cincinnati is a tall American Indian man of six feet. His skin is bronze, his eyes small and dark. His black hair is cut short and impeccably groomed. He favors suits, sometimes modern and sometimes on the old-fashioned side.


The vampiric Prince of Cincinnati is a very young Tremere. He gave his name to Alex, Daniel, and Jacob as Johan, but he’s really John Taylor. When John and the Old Man were both young men in their twenties, he saved John’s life. Since then, they have been friends, and John allows the Old Man’s house as Elysium and a safehouse for supernaturals.

It is not a secret John is less than a century old. In Vampire society, elders are at least 300. John is not even an ancilla; he is a neonate, and yet prince of not an insignificant American city. He works in close alliance with a much older vampire, Alethia. While Alethia has the power, she also has the charm of a brick, and John carries the social graces for both of them.

He first appears when Daniel, Alex, and Jacob go to meet with him to get permission to violate Elysium to kill Jahan. Despite his promises, Jacob did not get them an actual meeting, and Alethia was defensive, but John agreed to meet with the mages. Alex was downright rude, leading Alethia to physically threaten him and John to primarily interact with Daniel.

When Alethia poured them glasses of a strange, dark red viscous liquid, Alex actually drank from it freely, causing him to be first step blood bonded toward the Prince. As they explained their problem he was at first unmoved. Then he poured Daniel’s wine into a solid stone which he gave to Daniel. When Daniel picked it up, he spaced out and fell into the gem for a moment. John took it back, studied it with interest, and then agreed to waive Elysium after he talked to the Old Man.

Since that encounter, Daniel felt in retrospect like the Prince took something from him, but he can’t remember what.

2 nights later, Zahir al Shahrani, Charlotte Bailey, and Toma Stankic visited him to ask if the attack was sanctioned. He ended up agreeing to pass any information about Marauders on to the Union since they have agreed to make it their problem. Zahir also told him if he killed the Avengers the Union doesn’t mind at all, they just might want a heads up so they can cover it up.

That same night, Daniel decides to perceive a possible future where he, America, and Jacob go to apologize to the Prince. John demands Jacob as collateral while they kill Jahan to prevent the Marauder madness from spreading. This results in America enacting violence to try to cover an escape, Alethia and John soundly defeating the group, and Alethia throwing Daniel into the river.

And Daniel ending up in a time loop. Attempts to free himself only resulted in Jianyu becoming trapped and the situation becoming worse, even including the death of some of his fellows. Daniel was ultimately unsuccessful at escape.

John Taylor

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