Jessica Wilder

The Dreamspeaker


Jessica is a Dreamspeaker, and Master of Spirit. She is also one of the last remaining Time Adepts in the entire Tellurian. She lives in Lafayette, IN.

She first appears to give the Avengers answers when they come to her. She reveals the spirit inside Alex‘s head is Ada Lovelace. She also gives Will all the information he needs to complete the ritual. When she inadvertently reveals that Christine is Will’s half-sister, Eleanor stabs her before she can figure out her rape of Dylan and act on that knowledge.

She is able to recover, but not before Eleanor kills Davey and Matt takes Eleanor out in turn. She departs when the Avengers do.

During the Cataclysm, Jessica succeeds in shielding her community from the brunt of the fallout, and then vanishes. Matt and Fríða go in search of her when they learn she is alive. She returns in time to help America, Daniel, Sonia, Jianyu, and Alethia, just out of the Starlight Passage, and reveal Gabrielle is trapped in the Shade Realm of Time, in Saturn. Jessica assembles a suicide squad of time mages to go rescue her—Will, Ava, Aaron, Daniel, and herself. Dylan insists on going, and they take Kouamé as well, who will do better than anyone else interpreting temporal perceptions.

Jessica remains outside while the others enter the Shade Realm, the getaway. When Kal arrives, she holds him off to buy time, resulting in him erasing her from the Book of Fate.

Jessica Wilder

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