Gavin Terry

The Inquisitor


Gavin is a somewhat short, youthful-looking man of 5’8" tall. He has high cheekbones and smooth skin, and when he doesn’t have facial hair much younger than his actual age somewhere in his late 30s. Blonde and blue-eyed, with the beginnings of wrinkles around his eyes, he is slight of build. He does not look like a man to be feared.


Gavin is a Nephandus. His only known proficiency is with the Entropy sphere, with which he is a novice. For all of that he is terrifying and very effective at what he does.

He first appeared with a Black Spiral Dancer to abduct Will and Jacob from Sonia‘s apartment. Will was no longer blood bound but was still addicted to Jacob’s blood, and had just severed the vampire’s arm in an attempt to get some. He then spent the next 3 days torturing Will, and sometimes Jacob.

He was directed to learn everything Will knew about the Network and everything about anyone who’d touched it. He broke Will much faster than Will could have even imagined. With Entropy as a focus, he could touch any weak spot on Will’s body, causing immense pain. He would reward Will for compliance and inflict terrible injury for even a half-answer, such as breaking a finger. He could use his magick to tell when Will was lying or not telling him everything. He made Will dependent on him. He used shame, humiliation, pain, fear, and empathy as weapons. He bargained with him, and then made Will watch or even tried to get him to participate in Jacob’s torture.

Gavin also revealed that he possessed True Faith (in demons), using a cross to burn and torture Jacob. He was only stopped when Juggler tricked him, coming forward and then Dominating his defenseless mind. For all of that, he still would’ve gotten then in the end had Kate not staged a rescue.

Gavin is legally a Catholic priest, not because he is Catholic, but because it is the largest religious domination on the planet, with the most access to sleepers and victims. He is undyingly loyal to Jerusha, becoming extremely angry when Will insulted her. Otherwise he seemed proud at the progress he made torturing and reconditioning him. Jerusha has a preference for sometimes not placing mages in the Cauls—not all Nephandi who come out are loyal to her—but Gavin’s work promises complete loyalty and obedience.

As the cabal escaped, he was telling Will to lie down and he would not be punished, before Will was teleported out. Kate filled that hallway with lightning, but she could not confirm his death.

When Sonia and Davey went to confirm the ceasefire with Jerusha, she had Gavin come to dinner to antagonize them. After she left, Gavin took charge, visibly intimidating the previously self-assured and calmly diplomatic Nina.

Gavin Terry

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