Gabrielle Harrison

The Fallen Hero


Gabrielle was a blonde, pale woman standing at 5’6" tall. She never appeared to age past her early twenties. She had light blue eyes.


Gabrielle was a high-level Ecstatic mage, the mother of Will Harrison, and the wife of Dylan. Like Ava, she Awakened as an Ecstatic after meeting Mr. Kite, but tracing her history in a linear fashion after that becomes difficult.

Unlike Ava, she chose to leave Kite almost immediately. She found a teacher in the K’an Lu discipline, becoming a Taoist. She formed a cabal, the Radical Dreamers with Dylan; Eleanor Graf (later Morris); and Marc Hudson, a Son of Ether who created most of the artifice in their chantry, though he didn’t put it in a Volkswagon Beetle.

She preferred subtler spheres, like Time, Prime, Mind, and Correspondence. She often said she thought Mind was the most important sphere because it influenced how people think. She was responsible for putting mental safeguards on Dylan that prevented the Technocracy from knowing he knew about her or about the Ascension War—even a decade after her death, they have held, and only Sapphira Wilson is known to have gotten past them (and only in dreams).

Gabrielle and Dylan chose to stay in Davenport on principle. After Will was born, they considered leaving, but there were boundaries she could not leave unwatched.

Gabrielle died in a car accident when Will was seven.

Alex and Daniel have actually met Gabrielle. Upon visiting the Cave of Tears in Hollow Earth, they saw the future, and then time traveled to Gabrielle’s kitchen in the past, startling her. She said she didn’t sense Kite’s resonance or the boy Marauder’s, so there were only three ways they could have reached her—the Starlight Passage in Davenport, the place of Tecumseh’s Defeat in Lafayette, IN, and the Cave of Tears in Hollow Earth—and asked which way they came. Alex confirmed it was the Cave, and asked if she created it, which she denied, saying it was a vile place, even worse than the Starlight Passage.

They were interrupted by Will, at this point six years old. She sent him away to catch lightning bugs. Among the answers she provides is that Joshua is too powerful for them to confront—although Xifeng Lin may have a chance—but he will eventually remove himself from the Tellurian anyway, but he’s a trigger for other types of madness, and leads Daniel to realize that Jahan is a Marauder.

Daniel later tells America and Davey about this, but the rest of the Avengers have not been told about the encounter.

Gabrielle foretold a number of events. She left the chantrymobile for Will at Kite’s along with a note foretelling he was most likely a Virtual Adept. Inside it she left treatises on everything about the Traditions, Technocracy, and magick she thought he needed to know even if he knew nothing.

She also wrote at least two copies of a book collating her prophecies. One is in the hands of Jerusha. The other she left for Will in Hollow Earth where it would be safe. Alex collected it for Will, but the first page was for him. It read:


Be careful. Even if you are who you think you are, everyone else is not. You can find answers in Tippecanoe if you must, but as Will would most likely say, information wants to be free. Once others realize you will no longer be free to hide your nature.

Put your house in order before you go. There is a Marauder among you."

However, the blue-eyed woman haunting him compelled him to destroy it before he could do anything else with it.

Gabrielle Harrison

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