Daniel Amar

The Ecstatic


A slender, lithe young man in his early twenties. Daniel holds himself like a man who has had posture drilled into him since youth, and he seems very aware of his arms and especially his fingers at all times. Dark hair is kept short and styled to be out of his face. His face is slender, with high cheekbones, a rounded nose and slender ears. The delicate features of his face give him an almost ethereal, otherworldly look that is intensified by his bright blue eyes. He sometimes has the look of a man lost in thought or not entirely present in the moment, but looks can be deceiving.
He dresses simply, usually in jeans, chucks and a t-shirt of some sort. He always carries a Walkman with him with one earbud in one ear at all times.


Daniel Amar is a Jewish-Canadian and Ecstatic mage in his early twenties who is one of The Avengers newest members. He found himself in Cincinnati after a run-in with a dissident sect of his own tradition in Buffalo that worked hard on getting him to join. It was a sense of self preservation(and a violent initiation ceremony) that led him to leave his quickly becoming familiar life there to any other part of the country.

He was made aware of what the cabal was doing through Jianyu, though he never officially met them until Joshua‘s carnival of Marauder trickery and messed-up time Magicks. Thankfully, it didn’t take much convincing for them to let him join.

Something happened to him at the Carnival and he now countermagicks Time as if he were a much more powerful Mage (he rolls 5 dice instead of his Arete). This effect has yet to pass.

During the adventures through Hollow Earth he encountered a vision so powerful that he was temporarily blinded. With the help of Alex, he went on a quest into a sacred cave and discovered Jahan was a Marauder.

After convincing the local vampire Prince that they should be allowed to enter the Old Man’s and kill Jahan, Daniel took America and Jacob to do just that. Unfortunately things went south when Joshua appeared and they were forced to regroup.

Not long after that, the cabal discussed what they were going to do about having been involved in the disappearance of a sanctuary and it’s relation to the Prince. Daniel decided that before they do anything, they should find out what the consequences might be. This ultimately led to scrying himself into a time loop he was unable to escape from. In the process, he ensnared Jianyu in his mess and failed a Seeking. Thankfully it wasn’t a permanent disaster.

A few days later were the events of Black Monday. He is one of a few who remembers all four versions of events occurring, two of which he had experienced his own death in. In the Prime version of events, he was taken out of commission early and remained on the sidelines.

Christmas came and went, and time continued forward toward the penultimate event. During that passage of time, he found himself with more and more questions — after the appearance and quick departure of the Mokole, and after the revelation of their current version of reality only being one of many loops in time. This led to him departing before the activation of the Network, along with Alex, to visit Kite.

His visit to Kite was eye-opening, as he found himself thrown into a series of tests orchestrated by the Time Master, as well as Nina Bonita and Kouame Beoké. The tests eventually led to his initiation into the Daughters of Mnemosyne while the world fell apart outside of Kite’s realm.

Not long after the members of his cabal gathered with them in order to begin the loop once more, this time all of them travelling back in groups. Unfortunately things went south again, with Kite dying at Kate’s hands, and Juanita sacrificing herself to save the Avengers and Kouamé. From there, they traveled 11 weeks in the future to Houston in order to gather support from the Technocrats there. Things went south again when the Void Engineers decided torture America through the Digital Web, then attack Kouamé and the cabal while that occurred.

Thankfully Will’s quick thinking saved them, and he now finds himself back in the Chantry with the rest of the Avengers and co.

After a brief palaver with the rest of the Cabal, Daniel split in Memphis for the passage through time guarded by Jessica. This time, not only Alex went with him, but Xifeng and Matt as well. Their first stop, directed by the force of earthquakes, dead Nephandi and Kal‘s forces, was in St Louis. It was here that they confronted Karasi about her nature, and were confronted by one of Kal’s homonculii. The confrontation nearly led to the loss of Alex and Karasi, but between them all, they managed to survive and take the homonculus out in the process.

They took a day of rest and helping St Louis clean up some of the rocks before travelling onward once more. This time, they reached Lafayette with no trouble. Thus began a ritual to travel through the passage in time, leading Karasi and Daniel to Tecumseh and Alex and Xifeng to Gabrielle. Daniel and Karasi learned how the network was built before being chased by monsters that hunt time travelers. They ran, trying to concoct a hair-brained scheme that eventually ended with one broken arm, and Alex and Xifeng saving their poor behinds. Information was exchanged, Daniel nearly killed everyone while trying to heal his arm, and Matt had to save his butt before they headed back to Cincinnati.

Once again with the cabal, Daniel insisted upon going to the Starlight Passage despite Gabrielle’s warnings otherwise. Will, Karasi, and Alex stayed behind to work on fixing the weather while Daniel, Jianyu, Sonia, and America took off for Davenport. Before that, though, America picked up some extra help in the way of Alethia and Daniel went to speak with Jacob about the events they experienced the first time.

It was then, for the first time, that he was faced with the true certainty of his own demise. Jacob’s words struck a chord with the Ecstatic mage, a chord that he felt attuned to long before the vampire confirmed his suspicions. He took Jacob’s words to heart and decided to do everything he could to make sure that death would benefit his friends in the end. Not that he truly knew how to accomplish such a thing…especially considering he had no insight into how or when it would happen beyond a feeling of ‘soonish’. Someone was blocking him from those events, a Daughter at that.

He left with the group to face the Starlight Passage, with a new purpose of doing whatever he could for his fellow Time mages in the time remaining to him. He and America walked the passage together, forced to live through painful moments in their lives or moments concocted by the passage itself to instill grief in them both. They fought through them as best they could, until Jianyu appeared before them to disrupt the flow. The passage was designed with the Sacred Passion of grief in mind, the Passion that ties to the sphere of Time. They needed to find the center soon, lest they be trapped within it. Together, they wandered through the frozen land to what essentially was a black hole of grief, and together they dropped through it in search of Aaron Spaulding.

Eventually they came to find Aaron, trapped in a pillar of salt. Jianyu appeared to them again, explaining they needed to use their tears to free the Ecstatic mage. Daniel used his violin to help induce sadness that America embraced to melt the salt pillar. From there, Jianyu gave Daniel a last cryptic message of love before disappearing at the same time Aaron was freed. America destroyed the last of the Passage attempted to attack them and they were freed just in time for Jessica to explain that Alethia, Matt and Fritha were facing off against Kate. They also discovered that Jianyu’s mind was trapped in the passage, in exchange for Aaron. Daniel and Aaron took Jianyu through a passage in the Umbra back to the Chantry while Sonia, America and Jessica went to help the others.

Eventually, they regrouped and all made it back in one piece to the Chantry. Multiple people tried to awaken Jianyu to no avail, so Daniel was left to sit helplessly by his side. They gathered to speak of their next steps, and the revelation that Gabrielle was not dead like previously believed. Once again, the cabal planned to split up — some to fix the weather, some to perform a rite and restore Gabrielle’s body, the rest to find her trapped soul on Saturn. Daniel was part of the last group, not turning down a chance to see the planet named for the God of Time.

The journey to Saturn was unlike anything he had ever experienced: it was beautiful, floating upon a leaf as the stars twinkled so brightly around them. He sang in that time, while everyone else slept around him. He sang old songs and new, anything that came to his mind, anything that inspired him in the moment. Eventually, as the others awoke, they began to tell stories. He learned about his companions, about the lives they lived and the loves they had. It was a soothing journey, a cathartic journey in it’s own right.

When they passed through Jupiter, they were attacked by Nephandi. The technocrats who accompanied them did what they could to help, and even Dylan finally found himself awakening in the height of the battle. The Ecstatics on the journey used their own tactics to slow things down, though. Together, Aaron, Ava, and Daniel joined together, using ritualistic magic to slow the original Nephandi ship down, as well as help the Tradition mages escape. The three formed a bond in that moment, perhaps on their way to their deaths and enjoying those last moments they had to help in their own unique way.

Before long, it was time for another long sleep and the eventual approach to the ringed gas giant. They floated in, finding their way to a dim post lamp that would lead them through a perilous path to Gabrielle. Jessica stood guard while the others went ahead. Daniel and Kouame were the first to fall victim to Time’s never-ending flow on the planet itself. Soon after, Dylan and Aaron were gone as well. Daniel doesn’t know how it happened, but Will managed to complete their mission, even in the face of Kal himself. He freed his mother, and with that, saved all those except Jessica from the doom that Saturn brought. Another Time mage lost to Kal’s destructive forces.

Soon after, Daniel awoke with the others in a large banquet hall with tables covered in fresh food. It was a miracle, one he greatly appreciated. He died, but still lived to tell the tale. Gabrielle had saved those she could. They gathered and ate, they laughed and mourned, and time bled together as it does around archmages of his Tradition. Soon, the discussion turned to their final plan and when things were in place, he excused himself to speak with Jianyu.

The hopes he had for the future were soon dashed by the tarot readings he and Jianyu performed. He would enjoy the young man’s company for as long as possible, but they both knew the future was not bright for either. Jianyu forced back to sleep, Daniel still facing some unknown tragedy. He left the boy after a while, to wander and find a place to play his violin for what might be the last time. Instead, he found Aaron and found comfort in the fellow Ecstatic’s arms.

The following morning, the Cabal split once more, this time the bulk of them going to enact a plan to confront and trap Kal in a realm of Dynamism created by Alex, Will and Karasi in the process of healing the weather patterns. Daniel, however, was part of the non-combatant group going to distract Johann from assisting his creator. In true Ecstatic fashion, Aaron, Ava and Daniel came up with a plan for a shared experience, lacing LSD meant for the Homonculus to send him on a bad trip. Everything seemed to be going according to plan when Johann disappeared and Aaron and Jianyu dropped off into a magical slumber…just like the tarot reading said. Ava and Daniel were left to fret over their friends and contact the rest of the Avengers to see what happened.

After being filled in on the events leading to Gabrielle’s capture and the demise or eternal sleep of what was left of their allies, Daniel felt that sense of hopelessness trying to drown him again. It was the knowledge that La Nina Bonita was still alive and their quick plans to find her that kept him going and led them straight into the Lower Umbra in order to find the woman. He wasn’t going to stop until Kal had been sufficiently defeated and locked away, or they died trying to achieve that goal.

It was a blessing, in Daniel’s mind, that the cabal managed to wade through the first three precincts of the realm of death with no fatalities. Even more of a blessing when they finally came upon Most Holy Death though the cold mists and sweeping undercurrents. Like most of the party, Daniel felt a wash of strong emotion come over him. The patron saint of criminals, outcasts, prostitutes, and queers was a powerful figure in all her glory, one that he felt he could lie down his arms and rest with. Even knowing the full history of the woman who held the mantle of La Santisima Muerte, he couldn’t help but feel awed and grateful in her presence. She spoke to them, glad they had come to find her, and guided them back to earth. She spoke of a means to weaken Kal’s god-like powers so they could finally have a chance to destroy him and lock him away in the cage constructed in the Network.

That means involved him…more specifically, it involved him dying. Juanita removed her disguise and took him aside for a ritual. In the privacy of a ruined church, Juanita manifested her scythe and cut him down. He never had a chance to react. He awoke facing Gabrielle on a sunny day, surrounded by golden corn blowing in the breeze. It was here that he learned of his fate, the fate he had been secretly dreading since the New Year, but the fate that would hopefully give his friends the means to trap Kal. His sense of self preservation lost this battle, the love of his friends and the fate of the Tellurian and Time mages won. He reluctantly allowed Gabrielle to destroy his earthly self so he could assume a new existence as the Oracle of Time.

Daniel Amar grew up like many other liberal Jewish children in the northern suburbs of Toronto. He went to a private school, he was a straight-laced student with decent grades, a place on the Track team and in the band, and he took Hebrew school in the evenings though it never really stuck.

Of course, all of this was never really good enough. He was the youngest of two by fifteen years and according to his parents, his elder brother was God’s gift to the earth. By the time Daniel was fifteen, Aaron was already establishing himself as a first-rate Psychologist in the city. He had his budding practice, his papers were being published and he was invited to speak at all sorts of conferences and events.

Daniel succeeded in other ways, ways that his parents believed wouldn’t make him much money or wasn’t a viable career path. He kept with it anyway and at 17, got accepted into the Schulich School of Music at McGill University. The prestigious music school did turn out some of the best Canadian musicians, which seemed to change his parents’ tune. The pretty generous scholarship on top of that didn’t hurt, either.

It was there that Daniel started to let his strings loose. He still studied hard to maintain decent grades in his electives, but he thrived in the practical portions of his program. It was the first time in his life that he played for more than just his parents approval and because it was the only thing he felt he was good for. Sure, the pressure had multiplied to keep his grades up, keep the scholarship and prove he was the best, but for the first time it was purely for him. Out from under his parent’s thumb, he found a true passion for playing and performing that he hadn’t felt since he was young.

He also found a mentor in a lovely Graduate student who had been TA-ing his Classical Music class. Marissa was astounded by his love for the program and the progression of his change from formal and closed off at the beginning of the school year to a passionate, outspoken young man. She pulled him aside after midterm practicals and asked if he’d be interested in learning more advanced pieces to accompany her. They started practicing together, her with the piano and him with his violin.

He learned much from her about music, finding a new love in listening to the harmonies of a piece and feeling the emotions being portrayed. For him, the music began to come to life. The real feeling of a piece written by long-dead composers bled through his performances. He found joy and sorrow, anger and despair and in turn led others down the path as well. “You have so much potential,” Marissa would say dreamily, and little did he know that she meant more than just in school.

It was near the end of April of his freshman year that his Awakening finally occurred. The end of April was exam season for the university meaning every music student was cramming for practicals, hoping to goodness whatever they had to perform was good enough to get them back next year. The mixture of high-stress and anxiety with his non-stop practicing was the perfect combination for Marissa to lead him down the rabbit hole to a world he never imagined possible.

The following year was a blur of new experiences and learning beyond his wildest dreams. Daniel immersed himself into his newfound gifts and the bizarre community that came with them. He dedicated himself to learning about Ecstatics and magick. He struggled with leaving the Technocratic paradigm of belief behind and immersing himself in a realm of new possibilities and schools of thought. Somehow, he still managed to stick with his responsibilities to school and keeping his grades where they needed to be.

Life turned upside down for Daniel(if that were any more possible) near the end of his second year. His father passed away from a heart attack and that required going home for the funeral and for sitting Shiva. It was an odd experience for him, overall. Not only did he find he didn’t truly belong in this closed off, tight-knit community anymore, he also found his family different. His brother had gotten more intense in an almost creepy way. Perhaps it was the shift in paradigms but a nagging told him that he needed to escape. After a week, he was more than glad to go back to school and focus on his own life once more.

Unfortunately for him, his brother started getting nosy to a very specific degree in his life. That was the first time his sense of self-preservation told him to escape. He finished off the school year and packed up his belongings. His scholarship and schooling was put on hold for a year before he took off to the States.

Three years later, he’s still in the States, running away from one problem and right into the arms of another.

Daniel Amar

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