Charles Delaney

The Old Man


The Old Man is indeed old, in his late 80s heading towards 90. He is black, with a relatively smooth face (all things considered), and bluish eyes that have been weakened by age and cataracts, but he can still command attention when he needs to. He walks with a stoop and a cane. He’s usually dressed in an old-fashioned manner which would look ridiculous if he were 40 years younger.


The Old Man is a human, and a true neutral in the political sense of the word. Decades ago, when he and the vampiric Prince of the city were both in their 20s, he saved the Prince’s life. They have been friends ever since. Now Cincinnati has an uncommonly young Prince, and he has uncommon standing for a human, backed up by all the power of that office.

Charles Delaney, or the Old Man as he is usually referred, doesn’t care for the politics of supernaturals. He runs a safehouse where anyone can go if they have need, but they must foreswear violence and fighting of any kind. Indeed, he sets them up to live in bunks, 4 men or women to a room, regardless of age, supernatural type, clan affiliation or emnity, or anything else. He doesn’t care. If you need refuge you’ll follow the rules, which includes taking care of the needs of the house. The Old Man is fairly traditional, as you might expect for someone who came of age during the 1920s.

The Vampires have declared his house Elysium, which means no violence can occur there. The other supernaturals don’t want to deal with the consequences of challenging them—to say nothing of the supernaturals who live there—and so it is tolerated. After all, he won’t be around forever. People have been expecting him to die any year now.

Ben Bickley lived at his place for a time. Jahan frequented it after coming to Cincinnati, and moved there full time after his friends found out he was a Marauder. Knowing what that meant, Alex and Daniel got permission from the Prince to break Elysium go kill him. They took along America Anders and Jacob, although Alex was missing when the time came.

The attempt went disastrously due to the intervention of the Marauder Joshua, leading to some residents vanishing and Jahan and the cabal being expelled.

The Old Man doesn’t survive the turmoil after the Cataclysm.

Charles Delaney

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