Cadence Richmond

The Psychopomp


Cadence was 46 years old, a middle-aged white woman with light brown hair and eerie blue eyes from the implants placed inside. At 5’7" she was middlingly tall.


Cadence was a Void Engineer, originally with the Pan Dimensional Corps. Due to repeated traumas in Deep Space she was recommended for assignment somewhere less Lovecraftian. She chose the Cybernauts, where she recruited Ben for the Technocracy, who she since entered into a casual relationship with. Life on Earth was much less fraught with emergencies than in space, and her attitude found her assigned to the 5th degree, and Amalgam AT-15.

She participated in several missions. When Xifeng and Ben screwed up their confrontation with Jacob, getting Russ captured, she admonished them to work as a team. After Xifeng’s confrontation with the Nephandus Sapphira, in which the Woman in Black shot off her corrupted breast, she took it in a ziploc to their superior, Frederick Morris, as evidence of Nephandi in Davenport.

After the amalgam’s capture of Jahan Meshadi, she took an interest in the boy, befriending him. She induced Ben to stake out his place when he thought his friends were coming back for him.

Ultimately it led to her destruction, as Jacob, disguised as Jahan, shot her in the head at point blank range. She was the only member of AT-15 not to make it to Amalgam WU-51.

That was not the end for Cadence, however. As a wraith, she has grown aware that Jahan has become a Marauder. While no one else can interact with her, Jacob can see her—and she can even physically interact with him. The irony that she has begun piloting her killer—yet alone that she herself is now a reality deviant—is not lost on her, but it is the only method she has to take Jahan down before he becomes something truly destructive.

During Black Monday, Jahan attempted to ressurrect her by putting her into a body he created for her, but she was spared this fate when a spirit entered and impersonated her. She was able to force Jacob to take Ben out, nonlethally, during the day, and she was there for Jahan when he died to lead him to the afterlife.

Cadence makes one more appearance after this. When Daniel and Aaron attempt to change the timeline, Jacob encounters billions of restless dead. Cadence warns Jacob that “he is hunting (Daniel and Aaron),” and that Jacob has to stop them. At her behest, he separates the Ecstatics, hurling Aaron through time.

Cadence Richmond

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