Brendon Bern

The Infiltrator


Brendon is a pretty, hazel-eyed man in his mid-thirties. He is white, with broad shoulders and big arms. He stands at 5’9" and usually maintains a little stubble on his face. He sometimes wears the mirrorshades of the Men in Black, but recognizes they often draw more attention than is helpful.


Brendon is a German Enlightened agent assigned to Amalgam WU-51 following Xifeng Lin’s request for a Man in Black. He is a construct like Russ, but a much older one—at 21 he is a much more seasoned agent.

His first day on the job, Xifeng Lin went missing for hours following a request from her supervisor to chase down some RD activity until the Pan-Dimensional Corps could get there. He and Charlotte Bailey went looking for her, even though Charlotte was on mandatory medical leave. They found bees behaving strangely, entire vehicles encased in honeycomb, and then Brendon was unable to stay awake. He awoke himself encased in honeycomb.

Failing to escape, he fell asleep again, only to be found by Xifeng, who he set out to rescue in the first place. Despite his warnings, she fell asleep too. When she awoke, she was acting stoned, and Brendon took charge of trying to rescue the encased bstanders. The rescue was interrupted by the appearance of a very lucid Mr. Kite, who collected his bees, easily avoided Brendon’s attempt to shoot him, and then left the Technocrats—and bystanders—stranded in time.

Brendon tried using his understanding of Temporal Science to find the edge of the anomaly. This led to their first encounter with the Time Marauder, Joshua, and afterwards, no one besides the two of them and Charlotte Bailey, who came after Joshua released them, would even remember being sent there—not because of any mental manipulation but because it simply didn’t happen for them.

After Joshua caused several hundred people at a Carnival to disappear, including Agent Vic Jacques, Amalgam QH-97 is formed in response. WU-51 will act as backup.

Despite being missing for several months, Vic is harassing Peter Fischer, with whom they had an antagonistic relationship when they worked at the Union. They offer to take Xifeng back to see her brother, Chenglei, and she agrees. Before they travel through time, though, Brendon tackles Vic, traveling with them.

They end up five or six hundred years in the future, with no evidence of any human inhabitation. They can’t get back; Vic is not a Time mage. There’s been some kind of cataclysm between present and future and they can’t communicate through it to the Union. Brendon, as the only one with Temporal science, sends a distress signal to Joshua, who picks it up and sends them to the day before Chenglei’s suicide.

Here Xifeng learns Joshua is responsible for her brother’s suicide, among other things that make even less sense to Brendon than they do to Xifeng. When they return to the present Brendon is frozen in time as Vic commits suicide by cop. Xifeng collapses as she remembers finding her brother after his suicide, and Brendon catches her and drives her home after.

Brendon dislikes being associated with the other construct in the amalgam, Russ. He has spent decades being seen as competent and not-really-a-construct, and tries to avoid associating with other constructs, especially or at least ones like Russ.

An excellent hand-to-hand fighter, Brendon has been used as an infilitrator, having been a spy in both the Order of Hermes and the Tremere, and earned both orders’ emnity for these actions. He is knowledgeable about the occult, Nephandi, and has a demonstratable resistance to deviant illusions.

Brendon will never leave a man or woman behind.

During Black Tuesday, Brendon fights Jahan in multiple versions of reality. In one, he has his spine broken attempting to stop him. In the one that came to pass, Brendon was one of the last people standing. He saved Kouamé Bekoe from being killed.

Brendon caught Xifeng after killing Octavia Debussy, and pulled a gun on her, but Matt said he had no intention of shooting, and revealed him as an agent assigned to protect her and Charlotte Bailey. He reluctantly allowed Xifeng to escape the construct with Matt after she asked him to trust her, and covered up her murder of the Nephandic Woman in Grey to buy them time.

Xifeng later learned Brendon perished in the first few days after the Cataclysm.

Brendon Bern

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