The Time Traveler


Ava is a young woman in her late twenties of Chinese and Filipina descent. She’s short, at 5’2, with long, dark, wavy hair and a preference for pink and purple pastels. She has a medium skin tone and medium-to-dark brown eyes. Ava has full lips and a bright smile and dimples when she smiles.


Ava Awakened as a Cultist of Ecstasy in the late 60s, just a few weeks before Gabrielle herself did. She was actually friends with Gabrielle before either woman Awakened, running in the same social circles—probably how both women found themselves in Mr. Kite’s pocket realm triggered to Awaken.

Unlike Gabrielle, Ava chose to remain, choosing to learn in the company of a Master rather than in the trials and travails of the real world. As a result, she has aged very little in the intervening decades, experiencing time non-linearly and sporadically traveling out.

There’s nothing stigmatized or even unusual about this—plenty of mages choose to learn from more powerful teachers, and any younger mage would be lucky to find a Master willing to teach them, especially considering how few Time Masters are left on Earth. But if Ava were to be honest—and she is, with a few people—it was really because unlike Gabrielle, she doesn’t like responsibility. Being able to do what she wants free of time and jobs and family and anything else was exactly what she most wanted, and Kite’s Mastery of Time allows her to travel to whens she couldn’t reach on her own. She knows that dependency will limit her, and eventually she’ll need to leave… eventually.

Ava is extremely flirtatious, unless she actually likes someone. She might even flirt with douchey men—it’s not as if she’s intimidated by them—but then it’s more of a game. Ava herself prefers women and is sometimes dating, although she is not typically forthcoming with any sort of details that tie her to a timeline when talking to non-Ecstatics.

Since meeting him, she’s struck up a friendship with Will Harrison, figuring he needs the sort of low pressure, no commitment sort of engagements she tends to prefer, and like a lot of people who knew his mother, feeling a great degree of obligation toward him.

During the end of the world, Kite filled Ava in on what was happening, and she helped Alex rescue the others from Kate. When Kate followed them into Kite’s realm, she fled, grabbing Will and getting him out of harm’s way.


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