America Anders

The Tactician


America Anders is an attractive young woman of mixed heritage. Though she did not originally know her birth parents, America believes her birth mother is Sapphira Wilson, an African American woman. If Sapphira was truly her birth Mother, then her Father would be James McAvoy, a Technocrat.

The young woman is tall at 5’9" and very fit. She keeps very fit as an athlete.

Her attire is often quite casual, jeans and a tank top, a sports bra. Though recently she’s been finding herself dressing up and wearing makeup more frequently. Undoubtedly because of her relationship.

America can be intimidating. She doesn’t always have a lot to say and frequently looks upset. Resting bitch face, perhaps. She can be defensive and sometimes actively bullies others.



America Anders is an awakened young woman. Initially an orphan mage, she was brought into the Sons of Ether Tradition by Davey Darkefell.

America “Flash” Anders, as she was nicknamed by her school mates, was a popular high school student. While her grades were not so good, her physical aptitude and hard working attitude landed her positions on track, volleyball, softball, and basketball teams, the latter for which she was even team captain. Despite her popularity, America often had a hard time socially as she grew up. She was tall, fit, and wrestled with her sexuality. To protect herself, she would use intimidation and aggression to bully others, including Will Harrison.


America was given up for adoption as a baby. She knows that she’s adopted but didn’t know who her parents were. Recently she came to believe the Nephandus, Sapphira was her birth mother. She was raised by a nice older couple: Alice and John Anders, who referred to her as their grand child.

John Anders was a heavy machinery mechanic at the local plant. Unfortunately, he passed away of a heart attack while on the job three years ago. Alice, an awkwardly innocent but racist woman, was left to raise America and her sister, another adopted child, Haley, aged 12. After her grand father passed away, America had been working in a Junkyard to help bolster Grandfather’s pension.

America met Sapphira when the woman appeared as a teenaged girl under the ruse of moving in next door. America felt preternaturally attracted to Sapphira and felt inclined to help her new neighbour with her move. In Sapphira’s new house, America began to help her build a bed. Sapphira came on to America and took off her top, revealing a hideous mouth with teeth where her nipple ought to have been. The nipple bit America, poisoning the startled young woman. The poison burned through her circulatory system and destroyed her heart. Luckily, a Technocrat named Xifeng arrived and rescued America, though Sapphira set Xifeng on fire in the process. A technocrat named James, part of the same Amalgam as Xifeng saved America by giving her a new heart. A cybernetic heart.

America had been a member of the track team for awhile and that’s how she became close with Sonia Farooqi. Sonia realized that her track partner was awakened, and brought her into the cabal, despite Will Harrison’s protest.


When the technocratic amalgam later kidnapped Jahan Meshadi, the cabal broke apart and Will fled. America was left alone and was captured by the Nephandi, taken to a cavern and thrown by Sapphira into the Cauls in an attempt to transform the young orphan mage into a Nephandus. Sonia arrived and physically cut America out the slimey, grotesque mess that was the Cauls, injuring herself in the process. Sonia and America fled and saught refuse with a Verbena namedEleanor Morris. America grew to trust Sonia and was instantly attracted to and inclined to trust Eleanor.

Davey Darkefell visited the Cabal, identified the potential of America to become a Son of Ether and took her under his wing. The pair grew close and enjoyed a mutual love of Science!

On Super Tuesday, America took a leadership role in repelling the Technocrat invasion. She helped her friends retreat into the lower level and used the hot tub portal as a conduit to deploy her special grenades, disabling many of the technocrats. When it seemed like they had the upper hand, Jerusha appeared with Sapphira and other Nephandi. Jerushu rended America, spilling her entrails on the floor. Only with the healing touch of her friend, Sonia. In the nick of time, Matt Coronas arrived and murdered Sapphira with a knife to her heart.

The wedge between Will and America, and the untrustworthy nature of the people Will surrounded himself with, began to worry America. She became more distant and sought the attention of Eleanor. Their mutual attraction grew into a romantic relationship.


America found a mysterious relic, with which she inadvertently created an alternate reality, later amusingly dubbed the Superstar universe, where she was a Matriarch of awesome and everything was great and wonderful. In this universe, her birth mother was Sapphira. When the spell was broken, the universes collided.

Now equipped with powerful Iron Man armour, America, along with Davey, decided to explore the portal in the Hot Tub, which led them to Hollow Earth. There they explored a wondrous world full of dinosaurs and warring factions of tribes. One native girl, Kew, became a guide for the cabal, helping them explore. Kew and America became romantically involved. The rest of the cabal joins the pair of Etherites in the primal world of Hollow Earth and warn Davey and America about Jahan becoming a Marauder. Jahan attacks the cabal. To protect the others, America throws herself at Jahan, the pair falling off an enormous tree. On the fall, Jahan’s paradox explodes, destroying the Iron Man armour.

While this universe’s Sapphira was a Nephandus and was killed, the alternate universe merged with the existing one, and Sapphira appeared once again, being chased by the Technocrats with a helicopter, America left the chantry to find her mother. The woman was tracked to a cave where she seemed different. America believed her mother had been cured and was no longer a Nephandus. She seemed distraught, however, and loomed over a crib, within which rested the corpse of a baby. Knowing the Nephandi would find her mother and bring her back into their fold, America lied to Sapphira and told her she had a baby toy for her. When Sapphira accepted the spherical gift, spring-loaded needles pierced her and filled her with anesthetic. America carried her mother out of the cave and delivered her to Eleanor for help.

During the fight in the church, America was prevented from joining Alex in the pursuit. An Akashic Sister, Nina stood in her way. They fought, and while America was bested by the skilled martial artist, Nina spared America’s life for some reason. When Davey joined the fray, the two of them were able to overpower and defeat her.

At the Carnival, America entered a hall of mirrors where she was induced into violence against Will, but she couldn’t reach him because the mirrors kept changing. Then she switched bodies with Ben and found herself kissing Daniel. This led to a showoff against Joshua at the Circle Most Dire, using Ben’s unfamiliar and mostly-useless body. America said something to Joshua that made him back off, and saved most of her cabal.


On Black Monday, America and the rest of the cabal saught to end Jahan’s reign of terror. Sedna split reality into four, Jahan deteriorated rapidly in all versions of reality. In one, he and Joshua turned Will into a Marauder and killed most of the cabal. In another, Joshua corrupted the spirit of Cincinnati and most of the cabal died anyway. In another, he attempted to turn Will by himself and glitched him.

In the world that remained, Jahan was killed by Sapphira, but he got back up again after his death. He was only vulnerable to metal. The combined of the cabal and Technocrats were almost insufficient to destroy him, and his false Cadence murdered Mountjoy. America mortally wounded her former friend, and Cécile Beauchene took him from the Technocrats and allowed him to die with Will and Tamara.

At Tippecanoe, it was revealed by Jessica that Christine was Dylan’s child. Eleanor stabbed Jessica in the heart, noting “Masters never expect a physical attack,” and confirmed the relationship was non-consensual and a stab at Gabrielle. Eleanor hated Gabrielle more than she felt anything else in the world, because Gabrielle was better at everything and more loved by everyone. Ultimately she was the one to kill Gabrielle.

Eleanor handily defeated the Avengers with the help of several talismans she was wearing, electrocuting Jianyu until his heart stopped beating and redirecting a bullet back into Daniel’s gut. She trapped most of them in a wall of thorns and invited America to join her and leave them behind. America tricked and attacked Eleanor, so she pushed her into the thorns and left her to die.


Eleanor was killed by Matt Coronas outside, but help could not arrive for America’s friend and mentor, Davey Darkefell, who passed away from his injuries. In homage to her Brother of Ether, she took up his electro-gauntlets. She uses those gauntlets to subdue Sonia, who refused to leave her mentor to the technocracy. America carried her friend into the car and the cabal left Matt to the technocrats.

Ever since her confrontation with Jahan, when she took his life to save Davey’s (for another week), her understanding has advanced dramatically. What once took her months she completes in hours, armed with the ability to shape metal and other matter. She incorporates Davey’s periapts and weaponry into a new armor.


On their way to Chicago, America suggests avoiding the Nephandi by misdirection. Kate and Sapphira both contact other allies to act as decoys—Sapphira in her hometown of Detroit and the Verbena in Cincinnati, Kate with other netizens to drive around places the Nephandi would be looking for them—like Davenport, Chicago, St Louis. The Avengers stick to a circuitous route around and over the Mississippi—some things with the Nephandi are confused or halted by travels over bodies of water.

The Avengers manage to misdirect and evade until evening, when they are ambushed on the road by werewolves outside of Memphis. America, Sapphira, and Sonia, chiefly, manage to repel them. However, a much greater force begins gathering, and the Avengers are driven north, back on the highway toward St. Louis. One by one, America, Jianyu, Sonia, Will, Ren, Jacob, and Linda find themselves teleported into a room of vast monitors, Alex and Daniel conspicuous in their absence.

At the stroke of midnight on New Year’s eve, Kate reveals herself as a complete bitch. The entire payload of the Network detonates beneath the Yellowstone Caldera. America’s own father is revealed to be a Nephandus. He and his co-conspirators cause the apocalypse by detonating the network on a super volcano. The cabal would fight but Kate holds them all still so she can monologue. Kate, now also Kal, an archmage beyond their ability to deal with.

As Will and Kate complete their circuit around the facility that the Avengers have been held hostage in, the others remain frozen in time, unable to do more than listen to the conversation, echoing back to them. Of all those Kate has snared, only America and Jianyu have the ability to counter Time magick, and Jianyu simply isn’t powerful enough to do it.

But America is.

She’s able to force her fingers to move just enough to activate her Prime equipment. When Will turns the corner, only America can move of her own volition. But what to do against someone of that power?

Suddenly Ava is standing among them, her body wrapped in twisting carnival lights and raucous conversation, like all the memories and smells of a carnival—Kite’s carnival—moving over her like a second skin. She’s not alone. Next to her is Alex, and between them what seems to be a bonfire, though there should only be enough space between them to view it. She teleports each Avenger to safety at Kite’s carnival.

It is a terribly brief respite that they have at the big top, where they panic and discuss what they will do. Kate arrives again, murders Kite before their eyes, and sends the place into a state of panic. America tries to buy time the old-fashioned way with a sticky bomb. It explodes uselessly at her feet, and Kate turns to her. “Do you want to know why you’re not in any of the other loops?” She asks cruelly.

“It’s because you’re nothing. And you’ve always known you were nothing. Nothing to your parents, to your cabal, to the universe. You’re only here now because of statistics, and deep down you know how meaningless you are in all this.”


Kate had applied a Downward Spiral rote to the Daughter of Ether, leaving her in a depressed state, questioning her existence. She spent the quiet car ride fleeing from Kite’s carnival towards NASA in Houston contemplating suicide. It isn’t until a Celestial Chorister, Pradib identified the mind effect and removed it. She offers to help the Technocrats with the Virtual Web but is betrayed and forced into the Web where she faced the ultimate Spartacus tribute film: her own execution.


A video is projected onto the giant wall in front of her like a screen (and behind her, so maybe it’s not actually a projection since she casts no shadow on it).

America immediately recognizes her father, James, moving around a group of Technocrats. There’s enough context to suggest the group are Nephandi. They are working on cracking the Network. “You need to vent any excess power,” James instructs the Void Engineers, “So you don’t end up like her. This is what Octavia was doing. Use these coordinates—44.428 N, 110.586 W.”

The screen cuts away to show the location of those coordinates—Yellowstone National Park. Then, back to James. “There’s a problem at one of the work sites,” James informs Jerusha. He hands her a sheet of technobabble he knows she doesn’t have the requisite knowledge to understand. “This means?” She asks him, trying to hand the paper back.

“Just take us here,” James insists, pointing at the coordinates. Trusting him as he’s gotten them this far, she takes James through a threshold…

…And winds up in a ring of stones in the middle of a vast winter wilderness. Nearby, hot springs burble. “What?” She wonders, turning around to see James collapsing the archway. “Where are—NO!” The demon screams, attempting to throw herself through the threshold, but there’s no doorway with which to travel through. James is laughing now, a hysterical belly laugh that makes tears run down his face as he clutches his midsection.

The projector grows dim, leaving America to wallow in her own dread. James. James is the one who did this. Before she can speak or ponder the implications further, they project another scene. It’s weird to watch herself, but she remembers this scene, if from a different angle.

“I felt so sure – I mean you not only brought me back to life, but you didn’t rat me out to your bosses and then when you were in the caverns you actually helped me survive the Cauls! You’ve saved me often and I just thought I guess you knew – you knew I was your daughter.” America sighs and withdraws a hand from her pocket to wipe away a tear.

“I always thought my parents were watching over me. That they had something really important to do that kept them from me but they were watching over me,” she continues. “You seem to be in the right place at the right time when I needed you.”

James’ face jerks as America mentions the Cauls. He crosses the intervening space between them, and actually closes her jaw with his hand. It’s not a rough or terribly painful motion, but it is firm. “Don’t.” He says sharply. His finger moves over her lips, making the sign of silence—not that any of the technomancers will appreciate it was originally a mystic symbol. He withdraws his hand. “That’s a good way to get us both killed. Especially if someone is listening.” A gasp escapes the young woman’s lips and she blinks, nodding up to him, eyes wide and full of hope, sudden worry, and daddy issues.

“This isn’t fair,” she complains flatly, “What a cluster fuck my life has been lately. With all that’s happened and all the ghosts and goblins that seem to want nothing more than to ruin my chance at a sports scholarship and a normal life, all I really want to do is get to know you. Again."

“Life’s not fair.” He tells her simply. “You want to know what a father would say to a daughter right now? Stay away from Technocrats and Nephandi.” The video must be edited a little. James turns turns away from her.

Crestfallen, America remains there, staring at the man who, in another life was her Father as she turns away from her, rejecting her. She begins to cry softly, cheeks cold from the tears as the wind picks up. “I hope you change your mind someday, Daddy. I’m not going to stop believing in you, in us. When you want to know your daughter, find me. I promise you, she’s pretty great. I-I think you’d be proud.”

The film ends. The crowd, which had kept matters to a sneering jeer, calls louder and more raucously. “KILL HER!” “DO IT TO HER! Put HER in a volcano!” “CUT OFF HER ARMS!”

Kate had arranged to spread the footage across the Digital Web, placing America as the number one most hated mage in all of the universe. This was their revenge on her father, who had killed so many innocent mages. They endlessly swarmed on her, stabbing and healing her.


She fought them off as best as she could, but it wasn’t until Will arrived as a fancy Nazgul that she had an opportunity to really escape. She met up with Jiangyu and Will teleported them to the Spy’s Demise until they could decide what to do.

America suggests Jiangyu hide and distract when he exists the Web. With Will’s help, she logs off, aiming to misbehave. Back in NASA, Linda is confronted by two void engineers, kept at bay by a force field of her creation. America traps the technocrats in the floor after momentarily turning it to water and back again.

The trio of Linda, Jiangyu, and America make a break for it, attempting to catch up with the others. Linda discusses egress with Will, who would teleport them when the time was right. A stand off between the technocrats consumed with revenge against America led to Kouamé Bekoe being fatally shot and turned into a vampire by Jacob to save him, just as Will teleported the lot of them back into the chantry.

As Kouamé’s hunger consumes him, the Avengers need to keep him in the crawlspace of the recently reduced chantry so he cannot murder everyone. America suggests they head to Cincinnati and deliver the newborn vampire to the hands of more mature creatures of the night, John Taylor and Alethia, Daughters of Mnemosyne.

They met by the nasty-ass river in Cin-city under the cloak of afternoon. The sky is always wrecked these days. It was cold and so naturally the vampires decided a boat ride made sense. While aboard, America learned Alethia is ridiculously hot. They did a coitus. Several times. They haven’t really stopped.


Life has been messed up since. It is probably unrelated. >__> Johann Erdoğan appears in the chantry and tries to talk Will and America into just like, laying down and praying the Kal away. He has terrible judgement because those two are the least likely to let this shit slide. Together with old lady winter, Fríða Vilhjalmsson, they isolate the horcrux resonances and begin distributing that info far and wide.


The cabal comes up with a daring plan: fix the weather, trap Kal in the network, and somehow bringing Mrs. Harrison back to life is thrown in for good measure. Yeah, apparently she’s swinging on Saturn.

Daniel wants badly to go to the Starlight Passage. America goes with him to make sure he doesn’t die and brings Alethia because she’s hot. Mission accomplished, actually. They find Aaron Spaulding in the passage, who apparently knows Daniel. America’s got no clue. They take the guy and escape. America levels up her awesome in the process. Once out, America sees Kate pushing around her girlfriend and is like wtf no, swooping in and shielding Alethia with her own body (well okay, with her incredible armour, but its still heroic mkay?) and then the deus ex happens and we are scott free.


The plans begin to come together. The cabal breaks into groups like Hamilton and takes up their missions: Alex goes to the network to fix the weather, Will and Daniel go to Saturn to get Mrs. Harrison, and America takes the others to Gabrielle’s grave so Sonia and Xifeng can help Matt with raising the dead. Zombies: its a thing.

Kate shows up and wrecks a lot of people. Good people died because of that bitch. America wanted to be the one to kill her, but Sonia did instead. It cost her life. Kal shows up and kills the soul of the cabal like its nothing. Like she’s nothing!


There’s a struggle with Ursula, Matt, and America taking on the arch-mage but Ursula gets set on fire inside her own suit, Matt needs to focus and stop being daddy zombie, and America begins to die as she and Kal have a brief conversation. He figures out their plan, Mrs. Harrison is coming back. America makes a deal with him – they’ve both gotta go. The Tellurian isn’t going to let another loop happen. Shocked, he spares her and bamfphs to Saturn. It feels like the second she hits the ground she’s in a special pocket dimension of all-you-can-eat buffet with Mrs. Harrison as the hostess.


America was an imaginative child who grew up interested in comic books, sci fi and action movies, and pulp classics. Her curiosity grew into an aptitude with machinery. All of this combined to inspire her awakening as a Son of Ether. A few of her inventions are below.


Despite what Will Harrison would probably assert, America Anders does not want to kill anybody. She uses the wonderful world of Science! to create non-lethal throwing grenade solutions. She calls them Flashes. The inspiration for the design was taken from a huge hero and heart throb for her – Princess Leia and the Thermal Detonator she brought when rescuing Han Solo in Return of the Jedi.


FB-01 (Flash Blind)
“Flash” Anders is lucky to work in a junkyard. Where else can you find such a plethora of cameras and used flashes? Luckily Flash knows how to breathe new life into a flash bulb.

Removing the U shaped Capacitors from Flash bulbs, America is able to create a small spherical device which, upon activation, blankets the immediate area with overwhelming brightness in the Sun’s visible light range.

The Capacitors are inserted into a perforated spherical container. Upon activation, a small timer ticks 3 seconds and then activates a small Tesla coil which ionizes the Xenon gas trapped in the Capacitors.

The intense burst of light activates all photosensitive cells in the retina, making vision impossible until the eye restores the retina to its original, un-stimulated state. This causes subjects to see a single frame for the five seconds (as if their vision was “paused”) until it fades and normal sight returns. Apparently this is because the sensory cells which have been activated continue sending the same information to the brain until they are restored to their resting state, and the brain translates this continuous information into the same image. Sweet! The effects will last for as long as a minute.

In addition, it has been theorized that a Vampire’s weakness to sunlight is found within the visible light spectrum.

FF-01 (Foam Flash or Sticky Flash)
America’s desire to do no harm led her to think up ways of immobilizing or barricading. A “Flash” sphere filled with compressed sticky foam, with a spherical pellet of compressed air buried inside attached to the firing mechanism, which when activated, explodes the compressed air pellet, which in turn forces the sphere to explode, with rapidly expanding sticky foam erupting and covering the target.

For greater accuracy, the compressed sphere is coiled with two plastic packets filled with chemicals which upon combining form a powerful adhesive. The sphere is then placed in a slightly larger sphere with sheathed porous holes. Upon activation, the sheaths shift, opening the holes, and tearing the packets, which, during the spinning throw of the sphere, mix, and combine to form the adhesive, which then froths over and upon impact, bonds with the target. The timer inside ticks down 5 seconds and bursts the compressed air pellet.

The following components were made into a sticky foam: TABLE-US-00014 Components Percentage Hydrogenated/fractionated canola oil 77% EniChem TE 6306 20%

Blowing agent, Celogen TSH 3% Antioxidant, BHT 0.5

TF-01 (Tranq Flash or Spikey Flash)
Sometimes America needs to render target’s unconscious. In order to facilitate this, a sheath porous Flash sphere is outfitted with 12 spring loaded small needles which are fed by a sphere filled with anesthetic, ideally a Barbiturate like Thiopental. Upon activation, the timer counts down 5 seconds to the

holes shifting and the spring loaded needles firing outwards. The needles to not fire like projectiles, rather they emerge like spikes. The tranq flash is encased in an adhesive Flash casing which froths an adhesive compound when thrown in a spinning motion and activated.

If available, Thiopental is an extremely short acting anesthetic. Upon infusion unconsciousness is induced in 30-45 seconds. Depending on dosage, the half-life of Thiopental is 5-10 minutes, or if continued, as long as 11.5-26 hours.

America always loved working on cars. She would spend summers assisting her grandfather on his 1970 Plymouth Barracuda, affectionately named after an old flame, “Suzie”. When John Anders passed away, America continued the tradition of caring for the car. Being an avid James Bond fan, America would drive Suzie to work at the junkyard and set to work with any number of modifications and gadgets.


Suzy is entirely water sealed, as it is America’s dream to make the Barracuda live up to its namesake, and swim like the Lotus Esprit in The Spy Who Loved Me. Unfortunately the current combustion engine keeps this dream from coming to life… for now. In addition to being water proof, Flash has installed a large air tank under the backseat bench. Just to be ready.

At the rear of the car, Suzy’s dual exhausts enjoy two fake twins. A classic bond trick means the eruption of oil through the redundant exhaust on the left at the flick of a toggle from the board on the inside middle of the roof between driver and passenger. A second toggle releases caltrops tire spikes from the right redundant exhaust.

Beneath the middle armrest panel area, a tank of Nitrous Oxide hides, hooked up to the engine for short bursts of intense speed.

America was always impressed by how sneaky Bond’s car was. In order to mimic this, Flash has installed a rotating license plate mechanism. A triangle of three license plates, one registered, and two taken from junkyard leftovers. With the flip of a toggle from the middle roof dash, the mechanism will turn, hiding the old plate, and revealing another.

Iron Man

In the alternate “Superstar” Universe, America was the most famous celebrity. She was wealthy, successful, and a protector hero to the people of the Earth and beyond. America had created an advanced suit of armour for herself, inspired by a comic book inspiration for her, Iron Man. When the universe collapsed into our reality, America kept the knowledge of her time as a Superstar, the knowledge of her true mother, Sapphira, and her mighty armour!


Though the original armour was later destroyed in a battle with dinosaurs in the savage lands of Hollow Earth, America created a new and improved suit that incorporated Davey Darkefell’s inventions as well as new technology she had invented after becoming a Disciple of Ether. This new version reflected her matured confidence as a technomancer. She named this armour after herself, Iron America.


America Anders

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