Alex Cinna

The Legend


Alex Cinna came from a long line of Hermetic mages. Although born in Cincinnati, he spent much of his early life in a London-based Hermetic Chantry organized to as a wizard’s academy. The goal of the Chantry was simple- identify individuals with the potential to Awaken, and train them from childhood in an effort to force an Awakening. In Alex’s case, it worked beautifully. At 17 he began learning to command the sphere of Forces, as expected any member of the Order of Hermes. Early on he demonstrated an unusual talent for Spirit Magick, and pursued the sphere with great interest.

Soon after becoming a fully-recognized member of the Order of Hermes, Alex was called to the Venetian chantry. During the flight from London he was plagued with nightmares of being attacked by lynchmob, and a familliar blue eyed woman staring down on him as he lay dying. When he arrived in Venice he was informed that he was on loan indefinitely to Matt Coronas, and charged with keeping an eye on Will Harrison, Sonia Farooqi and Jahan Meshadi.

He was sent to Davenport as a member of the police force and quickly made contact with Sonia. Not the most subtle approach, Alex simply knocked on Sonia’s door and explained that he knew all about her. He was able to earn her trust by sharing his ability with Magick, and convinced her to accompany him to her school, which seemed to be a focal point of occult activity in town. At the school the pair encountered the demon Jerusha, and soon found themselves trapped within a Ward, inside the burning school. Alex was able to break through the ward with Forces, allow him and Sonia to escape the school just before it was completely consumed by flames; however, Alex did not escape unharmed, and developed a moderately severe fear of fire.

After Will Harrison and Jacob were abducted by the Nephandus, Gavin Terry, Alex participated in a rescue attempt that resulted in him killing another Nephandus with his bare hands, and being shot in the back by Xifeng, leaving a large hole in his chest. Sonia and Matt attempted to heal Alex, but were unsuccessful. With Xifeng’s help; however, they were able to stabilize him, leaving him in a coma, but slightly north of dead.

While his body laid lifelessly in the Avenger’s VW chantry, Alex’s consciousness was freely traveling the Umbra. He appeared in the Umbra standing in a river, where he was soon attacked by tentacles, attempting to draw him into death. He managed to escape by willing the river to rain upwards towards the sky. It quickly became evident that he was much more successful willworking in the Umbra than in the physical world, likely due to his natural talent with Spirit. He traveled through the Umbra like Dante through Hell, with Bugs Bunny serving as his Virgil, until he reached a tower and two Ravens, one, Jared, trying to lead him to his demise, and Ren, trying to lead him to reunite with his body. Initially, Alex followed the advice of raven leading him to his downfall, and entered the tower, only to find a group of Nephandi led by the former Ahl-i-Batini, Karasi. With the help of Ren’s razor sharp wings, he was able to reduce the group to Karasi alone; however

Alex Cinna

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