The Muscle


Alethia is an imposing vampire who comes across as larger in presence and memory than her 5’6" would suggest. Muscular and physically confident, the elder vampire displays assertive to aggressive body language at all times. Her hair is dark and curly, falling to her mid-back. She has light brown eyes, but probably her most distinctive feature is her large mouth and very big lips. She probably draws the most attention to them by smoking—something almost no vampire can do.


Alethia is an elder vampire. Just how old is unclear, but, since the Prince is only a neonate in his eighties or nineties, and yet still manages to hold a city the size of Cincinnati against any challengers, Alethia is the power that holds their grip on the city. She is True Brujah, possibly the last, and has the ability to manipulate Time.

When Daniel, Alex, and Jacob showed up unannounced to meet with the Prince, Alethia answered the door as bouncer. She was unamused, at first brushing them off, and then when it was clear they knew who was there, telling them to get out. Only when she learned they were 2 mages did she relay the message. She was not amused that Alex would not share his Tradition after they showed up unannounced, and once he was inside, grabbed him from behind and made it clear she would kill him if he tried any magick.

Alethia served both mages dark red, viscous liquid in wineglasses. When Alex drank his, he became first step blood-bonded to the Prince. Daniel’s became a stone when poured onto the table, and the Prince was able to extract something from him when he touched it. After this, the Prince agreed to waive Elysium so they could kill their Marauder ex-cabal member, Jahan.

After the attempt to kill Jahan went horribly wrong, Daniel scryed an alternate timeline to see what would happen if the Avengers West Coast went to apologize to the Prince. He and Alethia demand to keep Jacob as collateral for their promise to kill Jahan and prevent the Marauder madness from spreading. When America attempts to foam Alethia into submission so they can escape, Alethia beats her unconscious and throws Daniel into the river. After this, Daniel ends up in a time loop, repeating the events of the night over and over again.

Attempts to change this loop end up making things worse. Jianyu is pulled into the loop, and while unseen by Jacob and America, Alethia shoots him over and over again, the damage undoing itself once the matter is away from his body. When the Prince falls unconscious, she easily overpowers or kills each member of the cabal, throwing Daniel into the river to trigger the time loop again. Every successive loop ends in failure for both versions of Daniel, and Jianyu.

After Daniel meets Kite, Juanita, and Kouamé and becomes a Daughter of Mnemosyne, he learns that Alethia and the Prince are both Daughters as well. After the Cataclysm, Alethia meets Will and gives him a teddy bear from Gabrielle as proof she knew her. She offers Cincinnati as a safe haven.

After Jacob is forced to Embrace Kouamé to save his life, America brings them and Cudro to her and the Prince. Alethia reveals to America that her wife Embraced John before she died, and since then he’s been the most stabilizing anchor point in her life. True Brujah find it harder than other vampires to hold onto their humanity. America hits on her, and Alethia invites her to spend the night.


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