Song of the Earth is an adventure chronicle of Mage: the Ascension set in 1992-3. It follows a cabal called the Avengers, consisting of Daniel Amar, America Anders, Alex Cinna (and his familiar, the raven Ren), Sonia Farooqi, Will Harrison, Jianyu Zheung and their allies. They live in a chantry inside a VW bug.

Will’s father, Dylan, also lives in the chantry. Currently they also house America’s mother, Sapphira Wilson; family friend and time traveler Ava; Virtual Adept Linda McNally; Batini reincarnation of Ada Lovelace Karasi Belaouf; and the Chorister Master, Fríða Vilhjalmsson.

Former members of their cabal include Jahan Meshadi, a Marauder slain by America to protect Davey Darkefell, ultimately killed by Eleanor’s betrayal. Sonia, Will, and Jahan were members of a failed cabal, the Children of Vision. It also consisted of Sid Sterling, now deceased, and Christine Morris, an infernalist who gilguled herself accessing the Network.

The chronicle has run so far from March 18, 1992 to March 20, 1993. Please read What Has Gone On Before.

Song of the Earth

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