Virtual Adept Raid on the Rock Island Construct

The Virtual Adept Raid on the Rock Island Construct occurred on May 30, 1992. It was a virtual raid of information on the largest Iteration-X construct in North America, organized by Kate Vasilyeva and Linda McNally. Its chief purpose was to act as a cover for the surviving fragments of the Children of VisionWill and Sonia (aided by Alex, Dylan, and Jacob) to rescue Jahan.

Initially, Linda couldn’t find anyone but Davey Darkefell to agree to participate in the raid, so Kate found Kibo and got him to sign on. After that, the volunteers kept coming. Kate, Linda, and three Virtual Adepts known as Dash, Gimel, and Ryu hatched the plan to rescue Jahan and pitched it to Will.

While the raid was successful, there were several long-term consequences:

Linda, Davey, and an Adept known as Argentyne had their identities uncovered and were forced to flee to stay ahead of the Technocracy.

Dash not only had their identity uncovered, but was captured and Processed into a member of Iteration-X. They joined Amalgam AT-12, ultimately leading to their being trapped in time with Joshua, and suicide by cop at the hands of Xifeng Lin.

And explicit emails detailing Peter Fischer’s harassment and illicit demotion of Xifeng Lin came to light, leading not only to the reversal of her 5th degree status but to her promotion as supervisor of AT-12 and WU-51. She and her amalgam moved to Cincinnati to follow the remaining Children of Vision.

Virtual Adept Raid on the Rock Island Construct

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