The Children of Vision

The Children of Vision was the first cabal formed by Sonia Farooqi, Will Harrison, Jahan Meshadi, Christine Morris, and Sid Sterling. It was named by Sonia Farooqi. As she named it, it was perhaps only fitting that she would be the one to break it.

Concerned at Will being blood-bonded to the vampire Jacob, the rest of the cabal decided to distract Will at Jahan’s house and attack Jacob on Will’s front lawn. Jacob happened to have an ally, the Brujah Cudro. The divided cabal did not fare well.

After Cudro defeated most of the cabal, Jerusha appeared, summoning light that blinds Sonia and knocks Jacob out, and defeating Cudro with one kick.

Jahan felt guilty about keeping this from Will and told him what was up—they ended up coming back in time to see Jerusha kick Cudro—into Dylan’s car! Seeing visions of his dad dying like his mom, Will talked Jerusha into leaving. He was unforgiveably mad at Sonia, who now realized she had put Will at risk from the Technocrats. She tried to tell him he needed to go, and he acknowledged that, but that he wasn’t going anywhere with her.

The immediate consequences of the breaking of the Children, for each member:

Sonia – Passed a Seeking from the emotional impact
Will & Jahan – Traveled to Chicago, where Jahan was captured and turned into a Technocrat. This would ultimately see him become a Marauder.
Christine – Became an infernalist under Jerusha, and ultimately gilguled herself activating the Network.
Sid – Murdered by Chad Smith

It’s worth noting that every member of this cabal, except Will, was withholding secrets from each other.

The Children of Vision

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