The Avengers

The Avengers is a cabal made up of the surviving members of the Children of Vision, along with new members. It has representation from the Chakravanti, the Cult of Ecstasy, the Order of Hermes, the Sons of Ether, and the Virtual Adepts. It is formed after the attack on the chantry on Super Tuesday and the group’s rescue of Will from the Nephandi. It was named by America Anders.

Daniel Amar joined after the incident with Joshua’s Carnival, and Jahan Meshadi was removed after the cabal realized he was a Marauder.

It’s official membership is:

Daniel Amar – Cult of Ecstasy
America Anders – Sons of Ether
Alex Cinna – Order of Hermes
Sonia Farooqi – Chakravanti/Verbena
Will Harrison – Virtual Adepts

Dylan Harrison is something like a nonvoting member. Jianyu Zheung, a chantry resident, is sort of a member.

But let’s be serious – the original Avengers line-up wasn’t so cut and dry. America noted that there are actually two teams: A and B, or more properly referred to as the Avengers and Avengers West Coast.

The former comprise of Will, Sonia, and Alex – all of whom are generally too functionally or literally incapacitated to be of any value. They are currently all in states of Quiet—Madness, Clarity, and Jhor, respectively.

The latter comprise of America, Daniel, and Jacob. Yes, Jacob is a legitimate Avenger – even if he does spend altogether too much time feeding his blood to boys.

Avengers reservists include Dylan and formerly Davey- both valuable contributors but not always directly available.

The Avengers have their own chantry, a VW Bug called the chantrymobile, which houses a split-level inside. The vampire Jacob and raven Ren are both chantry residents and allies of the Avengers.

Former members:
Davey Darkefell – Sons of Ether, slain by Eleanor
Jahan Meshadi – Marauder, slain by America

The Avengers

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