Council of Nine

The Council of Nine, or simply the Council, is the leadership of the nine Mystic Traditions. The Council meets in special Chambers in Horizon Chantry, located in the city of Concordia in Horizon. They gather at a round table with ten seats; nine seats are emblazoned with the symbols of one of the nine Spheres, while the tenth was historically set aside for guests.

Each Tradition historically had a seat on the council, and one representative from each Tradition would be that Tradition’s representative on the Council, and holder of the seat. Each Councillor must be a Master, typically a Master of the seat of their Tradition (the notable exception to this being the Cult of Ecstasy, as Kite was the only available Time Master in the world).

Under ordinary circumstances, the Council would meet every nine years.

After the Cataclysm, Gina, who held the Seat of Correspondence for the Virtual Adepts, was lobotomized when the Digital Web crashed. The remaining members of the Council—except for Juanita, who could not be located—gathered to discuss this. Kal assassinated the remaining members, including Jathibiyya, one of the last remaining Time Adepts in the world, who held the Seat of Time.

The Council is now defunct with all of its membership dead or believed dead.

Council of Nine

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