Chicago is a city in the American state of Illinois. It is the third-largest city in America and the fifth-largest in North America.

Chicago is the hometown of Jacob and the rest of his pack, including Cudro and Kianna. It is also the location of an Order of Hermes chantry. When Sonia was burned after Jerusha tried to kill her, Alex sent her here for healing. There is a Hermetic here, Gwendolyn Reyes of London, who much like Alex is working under Matt’s authority.

About the same time, Will, Dylan, and Jahan fled here with Jacob and Cudro following the breaking of the Children of Vision. They later held Russ hostage in a motel room here. After their escape from AT-15, Jahan fell out of the back of the van and was captured by the Technocrats.

Kianna is at least a rising star in the Sabbat here, though it is likely she exaggerates her own importance.


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