The Chantrymobile is the Avengers’ chantry, located inside of a functioning VW Bug. It can be accessed by climbing inside the trunk of the vehicle, which places one inside the foyer.

Due to the increasing size of the cabal, and the fact that they are less likely to share space like Ecstactics in the 60s, Kate’s contacts such as Kibo have expanded the chantry to accommodate expanding membership.

As far as chantries go, the Chantrymobile is considered pathetically weak, both in literal and political power. It has no Node and no Horizon Realm—it’s just a house inside of a car, which is nothing to sneeze at, It is most notable for containing a Son of Ether Sanctum and a Portal to Hollow Earth.

The wards that protect entry require anyone who is not a resident, accompanied by a resident, or on a short guest list (e.g. Ava, Matt) to make a Willpower roll, difficulty 9, to get through. They also alert residents to the attempt. These were installed by the Virtual Adepts after Super Tuesday.

The layout, at its simplest, looks like this:

Upper Split Level
Master Bedroom: Will
2nd Bedroom: Dylan
3rd Bedroom: Sonia
4th Bedroom: Alex
Bathroom – larger, it has a tub and shower, a great big vanity style countertop, toilet

Entry Level
Living Room

Lower Split Level
Dual Bedrooms/Workshop*: America & Davey
Engine/Laundry Room*
Hot Tub/Portal to Hollow Earth
Daniel‘s Room
Jacob’s Room
Guest Room
Bathroom – smaller, it has just a shower stall, toilet, and sink

The Crawlspace

*Indicates an Etherite Sanctum. Etherite magick is always considered coincidental here. These particular Sancta give Sons of Ether -2 on Arete rolls and 3 Arcane for being inside.

It originally belonged to Gabrielle and her cabal in the 60’s, 70s, and possibly 80s. Will’s room was occupied by Gabrielle & Dylan; Dylan’s by Eleanor; Sonia’s by another Chakravanti, Sandra; and the Etherite Workshop by Mark Hudson. At some point Jeffrey Moor stayed here as well. It also housed many refugees at various points, in the Crawlspace.


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