Amalgam AT-12

Amalgam AT-12 was a Technocratic amalgam based out of the Rock Island Construct in Rock Island, Illinois and operating in the Quad Cities area, including Davenport. It later transferred to Cincinnati. Its mission was the captured of Matt Coronas’ student, Sonia, whom the Union codenamed Achilles to match Matt’s codename of Odysseus (students of literature may disagree).

It’s original lineup was all members of the 5th degree:

Xifeng Lin – New World Order
Cadence Richmond – Void Engineers
James McAvoy – Progenitors
Ben Bickley – Iteration X
Russ Jones – New World Order

Richmond is slain protecting Jahan Meshadi from recapture by his old amalgam at the hands of Jacob. She is later replaced by Vic Jacques when Xifeng Lin is promoted to command of the amalgam, and the amalgam moved to Cincinnati to follow Sonia Farooqi. James McAvoy becomes its second-in-command.

The amalgam is dissolved after an attempt at capturing Farooqi and her cabal ends in an ambush by Nephandi and a demon. It is reconstituted into WU-51 as more resources are allocated to combating those sorts of threats.

Amalgam AT-12

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