Zahir al Shahrani

The Face


Zahir is an attractive Arab man in his early thirties. He is six feet tall, with light brown skin, short wavy black hair, and a trimmed goatee. His eyes are a very dark brown.


Zahir is an Emirati member of the Syndicate who leads Amalgam WU-51, formerly Xifeng Lin’s second-in-command. He is Unenlightened (as far as he knows), but highly social and connected—in short, a Face. These skills make him unsuited to the field and more suited to calling backup and intelligence.

WU-51 is assigned to general RD maintenance in Cincinnati, but its first assignment is backing up AT-12’s attempted capture of Sonia Farooqi and her cabal. Zahir is not even present—Xifeng contacts him to tell him they have Nephandi there so he can call in backup before Sapphira maims her.

After Matt Coronas shows up and ends the confrontation, he abducts Xifeng as his investigator-hostage. Matt and Xifeng begin working on looking for Will—himself the Nephandi’s hostage—before they can turn him. They contact Zahir and Xifeng sets him on leads that eventually lead to Gavin. Matt gives Zahir an address to send an agent to, then at the last minute switches it to a daycare. Charlotte is too afraid of dying children to try anything, if she was going to at all.

The last time Xifeng contacts Zahir, Zahir’s resources are pulled. One of her supervisors is in his office ending his investigation on her behalf.

After these events, AT-12 is dissolved and its members reconstituted into WU-51; Zahir remains in his position as Xifeng’s second-in-command. After the Time Marauder, Joshua, disappears several hundred people at a Carnival, including Vic Jacques, WU-51 becomes backup to QH-97’s mission to end him.

Zahir is actually a novice of Entropy, but perceives his sense of luck and systems as a natural ability.

Since the events of the Juncture, when WU-51 and QH-97 successfully defeated Joshua and Jahan, Zahir was rumored to be taking over WU-51 after Xifeng’s impending promotion. Since her defection to the Traditions, that promotion has become immediate.

Zahir is killed in the battle against Kal.

Zahir al Shahrani

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