The Hermetic Master


Yorick is a tall black man in his earky 40s. He stands 6’ with a thin, unimposing frame.

As a Master of Mind and Entropy, Yorick has a concentrated, placid air about him that seems completely out of place. His gaze makes others uncomfortable, as if he can see right through them—and they are right.


Only Alex has met Yorick—he is the ranking Hermetic at the Order of Hermes chantry in St Louis, though he doesn’t run the chantry, and a Master of Mind and Entropy. Alex turned to his well-resourced chantry several times, most notably when he brought Jahan here to be deprogrammed after the Technocrats converted him.

Unfortunately Yorick couldn’t help but try to influence the boy once again, planting the Hermetic paradigm deep inside Jahan and rationalizing to himself he wasn’t making the Adept a Hermetic, just giving him the tools to be one if he chose. This paradigm added to the others—Orphan and Taftani, Dreamspeaker and Adept, Technocrat and Nephandus—finally caused Jahan’s mind to rupture. He became a Marauder in Yorick’s care, although Yorick was unable to see it.


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