Victor O'Hannigan

The Lure


Victor is a young white man in his early 20s, standing about 5’8" tall. He has short brown hair and very trimmed facial hair, and dark grey eyes.


Victor was a junior member of the Order of Hermes chantry in St. Louis. When Alex and the others arrive there to confront Karasi, they find Victor huddled on the interior stairs shivering and crying. Matt removes the mind effect placed on him and he reveals that only he and Yorick survive in the chantry. He joins them to confront her.

After Karasi was revealed not to be a Nephandus, Matt attacked Yorick, wounding him with an Entropy rote, accusing him of both crimes against Jahan and being one of Kal’s puppets. While Alex and Xifeng backed up Matt, Daniel tried to stop Victor from interceding.

Unfortunately, Victor was much more powerful than they believed, using the lesser banishing ritual of the pentagram to banish all the active effects Matt, Yorick, Karasi, and Alex were using and then knock Matt and Yorick back with fire and wind. He was one of Kal’s homunculi. He drew Karasi here and tricked Matt into believing the homunculus was Yorick.

WIth the most powerful mages down, he turned his attention to Alex and Karasi, complaining they didn’t give up in any lifetime, and starting the process to gilgul them. Karasi reflected the pain back onto him, and Alex tried to force all the wind into his lungs to explode them, backed up by the power of the Network. This ultimately left him vulnerable to Xifeng blowing his brains out.

Victor O'Hannigan

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