The Transhumanist


Ursula’s current body is a beautiful woman of 5’3", with flawless white skin and multi-colored hazel eyes. Her features are delicate, dainty, and she speaks with an English accent with just a hint of German. Her dark hair is cut into bangs across her forehead. She appears to be in her early 30s.

Ursula’s wardrobe is a fashionable as the rest of her, a white gown baring her shoulders and arms.


Ursula is a transhumanist Iterator. She changes bodies like a high-society socialate changes dresses (and she changes those, too). The last remaining Adepts of Time in the Technocracy, Ursula spends most of her time in Deep Space, and occasionally in Europe. Her homeland is Austria.

During the Yellowstone supereruption, Ursula received a distress signal from Severino, one of the last 5 Technocratic Adepts of Time, in Brazil. She knew that Amanda was dead in California, Kouamé was with Daniel, and Selina was headed to Severino’s aid. Sensing a trap, she left them to die and focused on rallying the Technocracy.

She is revealed to be not just an Adept but one of the Daughters of Mnemosyne, and after Kouamé being turned into a vampire, the last Technocrat Gabrielle trusted. She has spent the time since the Cataclysm trying to clear the dust from the atmosphere to prevent mass famine on a scale never-before-seen.

Ursula is the de facto leader of Iteration X on Earth and one of the lead Technocrats still alive after the events of the Cataclysm, though the Technocracy has much more tenuous control than it once did.

She contacts Will after he doxxes Kal and comes for a visit, connecting him with Fríða, Matt, and Xifeng and Fríða’s theory about the homonculi. She urges Will against creating witch hunts. When the Avengers were trapped at NASA, she took on paradox to confront Indira, who declared independence from the Technocracy. She was powerful enough to break up over a dozen fighting mages. Unfortunately, after creating a delay, the dust clouds prevented the satellites from projecting her image to Houston.

Of everyone save perhaps America, she is the least focused on stopping Kal and the most on making sure humanity survives the Cataclysm.

Ursula refuses to go to Saturn, instead focusing on the defense on Earth. She and America take down the barriers Kate erects. After Kal murders Sonia, and Matt goes on the warpath, she shoots him in the back in a failed attempt to get him to focus on the ritual. After Xifeng talks him away from her, Kal confronts her, grabbing her by the throat and nearly killing her until America intercedes.

Ursula, America, Alethia, and John manage to destroy Kal’s physical body, but he reappears again, burning her and incapacitating the others.


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