Tamara Meshadi

The Guest


Tamara Meshadi is a short woman in her late thirties or early forties standing about 5’2". She is a light-skinned West Asian woman with dark eyes, long dark hair and a slender frame.


Tamara Meshadi is the mother of Jahan Meshadi, and the wife of Jahangir. She is a Sleeper, although she has been conditioned not to count as a Witness to Traditionalist magick.

An immigrant to the United States from Azerbaijan, she was initially unaware of Jahan’s life as a mage. When he was captured by the Technocracy and processed, she was given some light reconditioning to believe he had been in a cult. The night before Jahan’s cabal came to rescue him would be the last time she saw her son in any normal capacity again.

The rescue turned violent, as Cadence and Ben fought Will, Alex, and Jacob. Jacob shot and killed Cadence. The rest of Amalgam AT-15’s intervention was delayed by the alligator Jacob had left in the Meshadi’s living room. While Jahangir was content to let “the authorities” handle the situation upstairs, Tamara tried to rush toward the sound of gunshots and had to be dragged bodily out by Russ. Ultimately, the Traditionalists won, and both her and her son’s unconscious bodies were taken by Alex and Jacob to the Order of Hermes chantry in St. Louis.

There, they were unconditioned, though Tamara’s took longer, both because of a stronger will and (unknowingly) because Jahan snapped into a Marauder, absorbing the Traditionalist programming into his new paradigm. While Jahan was sent to the Order chantry in Cincinnati first, Tamara has followed, being held as a guest of Mountjoy while he figures out the impact the mother will have on the son.

So far as she knows, her husband, Jahangir, remains with the Technocrats in Davenport.

During the Juncture, Mountjoy prevents her from leaving the Hermetic chantry to be with her son. Tamara doesn’t participate in the battle, but she is there when C├ęcile Beauchene brings her son to die in her and Will’s arms.

Tamara Meshadi

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