Stephen Mackenzie

The Man in White


Stephen Mackenzie is a white man in his early 50s. He doesn’t look like he’s aged too well, although his short brown hair has not receded. There’s just something a little creepy about him. His eyes are a very light brown, and he stands at 6’2".

As a Master of Mind and Entropy, Mackenzie appears to deeply focused, as if he were seeing right through a person. He also seems wrong—completely out of place, as though he should not be where he is. The combined effect is deeply unsettling.


Stephen Mackenzie is a member of the Men in White division of the New World Order, responsible for reconditioning Technocrats and captured deviants alike. As such, he is a Master of Mind and Entropy. He is also a Nephandus.

A year or two before the start of the game, Mackenzie captured Davey Darkefell and his acolyte friend Thomas for an experiment. He tortured Thomas to death in front of Davey before Davey was rescued (it was not an experiment sanctioned by or housed by the Union, although it was entirely Technocratic).

He first appears after Jahan Meshadi is captured by the Union, hooking him up to equipment to mindscape him. Jahan’s mindscaping is probably unnecessarily brutal, for example, giving him scenarios where Sonia is here to rescue him, but she’s really here to silence him, and she’s mutilated Will and Will has to melt her with fluorine to save them both. These break him of his loyalty of his former cabal as well as turn him to the Technocratic paradigm.

Later, when Jahan is turned back by the Order of Hermes chantry in St. Louis, they notice Mackenzie placed very subtle programming in to make him susceptible to the Nephandi. It is unlikely anyone else would have noticed it (the Order of Hermes both knew he was a Nephandus and had their own unsavory motives in Jahan’s mind), but it was designed to lead him to them at a future, more useful date.

When America Anders is abducted by Jerusha and the Nephandi, she sees Mackenzie among their number. More importantly, when she is rescued by Sonia Farooqi and Eleanor Morris, Eleanor and Mackenzie see each other. While Mackenzie fled the Verbena Adept—he’s more powerful but not in a direct confrontation—neither one can afford to expose the other immediately, neither Mackenzie’s corruption nor Eleanor’s position holding the strings of one of the highest-ranked Technocrats in Rock Island, the largest Iteration X construct in the North America.

Mackenzie and Sapphira, until her death, had some sort of friendly competition going on for who could do more messed up things to people. Mackenzie of course felt he was almost always winning, but nobody else played with him. By contrast, the new Nephandus, Karasi, creeps him out. He’s used to creeping other people out so the turnabout bothers him.

Mackenzie was being hunted by Xifeng Lin, Rick Morgan, and Ben Bickley, although he was unaware of this or they would all have been in his chair. Since Ben’s capture and reprocessing after the Juncture, Quentin Ramsey learned of the investigation. He and two other Men in White abducted Mackenzie from his home in the middle of the night and interrogated him.

The interrogation was cut short when James McAvoy gassed the room with sarin nerve gas, killing or injuring everyone inside.

Stephen Mackenzie

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