Sonia Farooqi

The Hero


Sonia is a 16-year-old girl of Indian descent. She’s short, at 5’4", with an athlete’s figure, the kind of muscles good for long-distance and endurance. Her hair is long and dark brown, and her skin a light to medium brown. She has dark eyes.


Sonia is a 16-year-old mage who is a member of both the Chakravanti and Verbena Traditions. Her mentors are Matt and Eleanor respectively, although Matt is not comfortable with the situation. She has been a pivotal member of both of her cabals.

Sonia Awakened at the age of 14 after a man raped her mother and left her in a coma. She stayed by her hospital bed all night. Everyone’s voice sounded far away and their movements blurred to her. At some point, though, she saw an orderly trying to disconnect her mother’s life support. She stopped him. He seemed startled that she could see him, but obeyed. He explained that her mother was suffering and needed to move on. The man suggested they go find the man who did this to her mother before he could hurt anyone else, and for some reason, after everything that happened, getting in the car of a man she’d just seen try to kill her mother seemed like a reasonable idea.

The man told her his name was Matt. He talked a bit about suffering and people who caused it, and that he was tracking the man. They found him in an apartment and stopped him from assaulting another woman. Matt provided medical attention to the woman, using it as a pretense to force Sonia to kill her mother’s rapist with a knife. While she was hyperventilating, he came up behind her and strangled her with a cord.

It was the Agama, the Little Death. He sent her into the Underworld, and she returned under her own power, an Awakened mage.

She trained with him for the next year and a half. Eventually the situation in San Jose, her hometown, became too hot for her to stay, and so she and her father moved to Davenport, Iowa, what seemed a much sleepier town.

She met Will when the two of them felt a bit of their life—as well as a hundred other students’—tugged off by the rogue mage, Jeffrey. Upon confronting him, he threw her off a catwalk. The child mages met two others—Christine, a Hermetic, and Sid, an Akashic Brother—and went to investigate again. Sonia determines that the ritual circle Jeffrey is using is a mouth. Before they can do much more, Jeffrey returns, the mouth opens, and between the two of them they are soundly defeated, and Jeffrey actually abducts Will.

While they figure out what to do, the three remaining mages shut down the mouth. Unbeknownst to them, Will actually meets the fallen angel, Jerusha; falls under her compulsion; arranges to be dropped off the side of the road; meets the Dreamspeaker Jahan; and gets kidnapped with him by the serial killer, Chad Smith. They are rescued by Jerusha and end up in the hospital.

It’s probably around this time when Sonia began developing feelings for Will. Also after this, the five mages formed a cabal, which Sonia named the Children of Vision.

The Children meet with Jerusha, who is using Jeffrey to study some network of energy accessed through the ritual circles. They “convince” her to fire him. Then Jahan treats with the vengeance spirits he’s perceived around Will, who will kill him unless he does certain things. One of the things they want is for him to kill Jeffrey. The cabal plans instead to capture him and turn him over to the authorities.

With the help of Linda, a Virtual Adept, they plan to knock him out in his hotel with carbon monoxide while Jahan holds him in sleep. But it doesn’t work; he breaks free and starts attacking Sonia psychically. Jahan announces he is a Nephandus. In order to save her, Will melts Jeffrey with fluorine gas, an action that would have repercussions for a long time coming.

While he was dying, Jeffrey tried to or threatened to take her body. Shaken, Matt took her back with him to San Jose, where she fasted to purify herself before he told her only her own actions could corrupt her. She returned to Davenport.

Her first day back, her cabal fought an excrement deviant. Sonia was unlucky enough to be knocked unconscious in the explosion and had to be left behind for the Technocracy to clean up. Despite the fact that Amalgam AT-12 was looking specfically for her, they passed right over her.

Will and Sonia next meet Jacob. The vampire feeds off Will and places him under the first step of the blood bond. Sonia, oblivious, lets him help her carry him home (and invite him into his house)… until he tries to pacify her mind. After it doesn’t work, he asks her about the spirits around Will (by this point sleeping off the alcohol he consumed at the party) and the tone changes. When she tries to read his mind, however, she connects with Juggler, and he claws desperately at her mind for an escape, incapacitating her as she defends herself. Jacob takes the opportunity to feed from her. He heals the wound afterwards.

Jacob asks her what she is now that she knows what he is. He continues to ask about the spirits and whatever she just did to him. Sonia is leery until he points out he could have killed the kids, and didn’t. She ends up telling him she’s a Mage and setting up a meeting with him later.

Jacob continues to integrate himself into the lives of Will and the cabal. When Sonia tells Matt about Jacob, he becomes suspicious. He storms into Will’s house, Sonia in tow, and begins psychically interrogating Jacob. Will comes up to intervene. However, Juggler leaps out at him and Sonia in the process. Matt manages to shove him back in, but between that, and Jacob’s illusionary attacks, both Chakravanti are down for the count. Jacob completely mentally overpowers Sonia, telling her he can make her see anything he wants.

After this, Matt goes missing from his motel. Christine and Sid go to check it out and find the place crawling with Technocrats. Sonia is terrified that he has been captured or killed.

Since she was the one who named then, it’s fitting Sonia is the one who breaks the cabal. Growing more and more concerned with Jacob and his growing influence over Will, the rest of the Children plan to take him out. Using Jahan to keep him distracted, the remaining three ambush him on Will’s front law. Surprisingly, he has a friend with him: Cudro. Cudro is a vampire with super-speed and a gun. He handily defeats the assembled mages.

Then Jerusha appears out of Will’s door. Summoning light that blinds Sonia and knocks Jacob out, she leaps across the yard and kicks Cudro into a car. The car is Dylan‘s, as he is coming home from work, and Will and Jahan are just in time to see it. Will talks Jerusha into leaving. He’s furious with Sonia and the rest of the cabal, excepting Jahan, who backed down and told him what was going on. Sonia, realizing the depth of her mistake, tries to warn him he needs to get out before the Technocrats come, and he tells her he will—without her. Will, Dylan, Jahan, and the two vampires leave, and Sonia walks home without a cabal.

The sting of her failure and broken connections is enough to make her understand why everything just happened, and she passes a Seeking.

There was some hope to be had though. The evidence her mentor was alive showed up right at her front door: Alex Cinna, posing as a member of the Davenport PD. Matt, in Venice, sent him to look after them… not that he tells her that immediately. He introduces himself as a Hermetic and the pair go to investigate the ritual circle under the school. They are attacked by Jersuha. Sonia drops a power wire on her, corrupting her into her demonic form. It is the first time any of them have been able to hurt her; electricity remains her only known weakness. She flees, but not before sealing them in with a ward she knows Sonia can’t break and setting the building on fire, meaning to let them—Sonia—burn to death.

Alex is able to break the ward while Sonia shields him with her body, repeatedly regenerating the damage. She is exhausted when they get out… and hear on the police radio that Chad Smith has just killed Sid Sterling and his mother. She is all but losing it when she calls Kate for advice, who tells her to get out of Davenport while Kate takes care of the rest.

Alex sends her to a Hermetic chantry to be healed. She is quickly transferred to London. There, her mentor finally reappears, with his mentor—Cécile, a French Chakravanti and Master of Life and Entropy. Cécile takes over, accusing Matt of coddling Sonia. She escorts her back to her home in Toulon, France.

There, Sonia spends the next month on an island, with nothing but a knife and a prohibition against using magick, having to get her own food and survive. She comes away from the experience tougher, stronger—and with a better understanding of Life. She joins Cécile and Matt in combat training, although she can’t match either one.

Sonia reunites with Will in Cincinnati—along with Alex, Jacob, and Dylan. Jahan has been captured by the Technocracy and reprogrammed. Everything between her and Will is forgiven: they are all that each other has left now. She is just in time to participate in his rescue, but cannot go along to retrieve him—in his mindscape, Sonia participated in his torture and the sight of her might make him panic.

While Alex, Will, and Jacob go in to rescue him directly, Sonia and Dylan wait in the getaway vehicle. However, Sonia has a sudden certainty that Fate needs her elsewhere: Christine’s house. She tries to leave, but as Dylan keeps asking why and trying to delay her, she’s forced to knock him out. She heads to Christine’s, where the cheerleader drugs her in time for Jerusha to show up and knock her out.

Sonia Awakened to find herself strapped to a table. Jerusha, Sapphira, and Mackenzie were there. Mackenzie injected her with something to prevent her from using magick. Jerusha told her she would sing the praises of the Wyrm in all her incarnations for all eternity. Sonia tried to antagonize them to kill her but it didn’t work.

Then Eleanor appeared. She took on both Nephandi and the demon with fire and lightning and freed Sonia. Tossing her a knife, she told her to run. Sonia ran.

But something drew Sonia down, towards the Black Spiral. She couldn’t stop herself. She couldn’t even use the knife on herself. She knew she needed the Spiral even though she didn’t want it. When Sonia saw the Cauls, however, and that someone was inside, she was able to resist. She cut them open, freeing America, a student and friend from school. Something came out after America—some thing attacking Sonia physically and mentally, so Sonia stabbed it in the face. They ran, and Sonia was attacked by a man with a cat o’nine tails. America rammed him, and then Eleanor showed up and drove him off. The three of them escaped before more Nephandi showed up.

Sonia called Will to explain what happened before she made it back to Cincinnati to reunite with everyone, learning that the mission to rescue Jahan was a success.

Will’s blood bond is broken, and things begin to stabilize. Then Super Tuesday happens. When the Technocrats attack Sonia is one of their first targets, taking a taser from Charlotte and then a concussion grenade from Mel. She wakes up as soon as she hears Jerusha’s voice. While she can’t quite lay a hand on Jerusha, she helps defeat the Chakravanti Nephandus, and more importantly heals America after her intestines are hanging out after the battle.

She goes on the mission to rescue Will, paired with Alex. During the rescue, Xifeng accidentally shoots and mortally wounds Alex. Matt finds he isn’t strong enough to heal Alex, even with Sonia. His unique healing focus—a statue of Ganesh—shatters during the attempt. Matt has Sonia focus entirely on holding Alex’s soul in his body so he can heal him, but they still require Xifeng’s active participation and belief to make it happen. When it’s over, Alex is rendered into a coma.

Sonia ends up finding Will, and the group escapes just as Gavin comes upon them.

After the rescue, the group reforms themselves officially as a cabal, choosing the Avengers (although Sonia is the only one who doesn’t really like the name).

Later that summer, America creates an alternate universe, later dubbed the Superstar universe, where she has everything she might have wanted. In this world, Sonia and Eleanor are her girlfriends. When it’s broken, Sonia, Eleanor, and America remember it—something that causes Sonia no end of angst—and Sapphira is back from the dead.

After Will and Jacob rescue Alex from the Umbra—and Sonia meets Ren, the raven that is partly connected to her—Sonia and Davey meet with Jerusha to verify the Nephandic ceasefire with the Avengers. Ren is their silent backup. Karasi meets with them to take them to her (along the way having a creepy encounter with Sapphira), but doesn’t stay. Jerusha has arranged a dinner, inviting first Christine (to rattle Sonia) and then Gavin (to truly upset her).

Christine is fervently convinced she is saving the world, no matter what Sonia says (or Jerusha does). Gavin is content to torment her. Davey, surprisingly, is the voice of reason, trying to distract and keep her calm. Nina, the other infernalist, goes along with it in order to prevent violence. But when Jerusha has Davey served cooked human flesh, Sonia becomes enraged, stopping him from eating it and ending the dinner. Davey vomits on Jerusha, causing her to leave. Gavin takes charge, and Sonia and Davey get satisfactory answers before they leave.

At the Carnival, Sonia, America-in-Ben, Jacob, Davey, Daniel, and Xifeng the Cat face-off against Joshua without any understanding or prayer of stopping him. They survive their first encounter with the Time Marauder without really knowing why.

After Jahan is revealed as a Marauder, Davey and Will decide to save him while Daniel, Alex, and America move to destroy him. Davey meets with Sonia to see where she stands and she is all in to save Jahan. Split like this, though, there’s nothing they can do about half their cabal (and Jacob) going up against Jahan.

The same night half her cabal goes to kill Jahan, Sonia is drawn into the Umbra against her will by Joshua. Sonia is split into two aspects of herself—the Verbena, and the Chakravanti. Alex encounters the Chakravanti first, and together go to a shade realm of Venus where the Verbena Sonia reigns supreme. They battle, and ultimately the Chakravanti is victorious by allowing the Verbena to physically kill her—thus they both embrace the Chakravanti philosophy and that paradigm is victorious.

Alex and Sonia escape the Umbra during the Juncture—at least in the universe that counts. Though she is hurt, Sonia pursues Jahan after Joshua’s defeat, and is badly hurt and incapacitated by the false Cadence.

Sonia is present at Eleanor’s betrayal. When Matt tells them the story of the time loops, he graduates Sonia to a full-status Chakravanti. She refuses to leave him, until she is knocked out by America Anders.

Later, Sonia accompanies America and Daniel to the Starlight Passage, where Jianyu is lost. During the attempt to save the world, Sonia helps Matt and Xifeng with the ritual to ressurrect Gabrielle. It is Sonia who notices first that Gabrielle, incorruptible, has not been touched by time or entropy.

Kate attacks her first, breaking her ribs. When Kate nearly kills Xifeng, Sonia declares her to be an asshole and throws the kitar that Matt gave her, the traditional weapon of their Tradition. It follows Kate’s karma no matter what she does, killing her instantly.

In retaliation, Kal murders Sonia.

Sonia Farooqi

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