Siera Love

The Cleaner


Siera is a very slender, light-skinned black woman. Though she is only 5’7", her build makes her seem like she would be a few inches taller until you get up close. Her eyes are a luminous brown, and her hair is black and straight, usually either pulled into a ponytail or sometimes falling to her shoulders.


Siera is a Void Engineer of the Neutralization Specialist Corps (NSC) Methodology. Unlike her Spacebound counterparts, her job is to stay on Earth and clean house—to isolate contamination and eliminate it by whatever means necessary. A native of Cincinnati, she is effective and efficient, and was assigned to QH-97 to deal with the Joshua problem.

Siera, like most of her amalgam, is somewhat above dealing with WU-51, but she is most friendly with Charlotte when they interact.

Siera participates in the events of Black Tuesday, ultimately sealing Joshua away with the help of Alex and Charlotte. She is too badly hurt after the initial confrontation to pursue Jahan.

Siera helps confront Kate and Kal, losing part of her foot and one of her fingers when Kate separates the combatants. She and the rest of the survivors are teleported to the Chantry by Gabrielle, who reveals Siera is a Nephandus and her plan was to kill Will or Dylan and leave Gabrielle too distraught to function. Siera is taken out of the room by her amalgam and executed.

Siera Love

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