The Story


Sedna appeared variously as a young, middle-aged, old, and ancient Inuit woman. While her appearance has naturally varied across manifestations, including height and facial features, a few things have remained consistent: she had long hair, usually dark, usually unbound, and always the fingers of her right hand had been severed at the first knuckle.

As an Archmage of Spirit and Entropy, Sedna brought with her a sense of purpose and rightness to all her behold her, combined with a surreal, strong sense of the otherworldly. None could leave an encounter with Sedna feeling unshaken.


Sedna was the oldest and most powerful Baruti on the planet. Kouamé contacted her at Xifeng‘s behest to help with the events of the Juncture. She knew she can’t beat Joshua at Time, or predict the Marauder’s actions, so she doesn’t: she created four parallel worlds with Spirit and Entropy, all centered on Xifeng and Kouamé, and chose the one in which the Marauders were defeated. Afterwards, she was too greatly weakened to intercede.

During the end of the world, Matt and Xifeng journey to her for help. She sent Matt away to help Fríða, and revealed to Xifeng that Kal was coming to kill her. She kept Xifeng around because Kal’s hubris wouldn’t allow him to acknowledge her existence, and she may learn something.

When Kal appeared, he told her he has great respect for her and her work, and that this wasn’t personal—he couldn’t risk her ability to abort his version of the future. She told him to get on with it, and he murdered her, removing her from the Book of Fate in the process.


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