Russ Jones

The Construct


Russ is an average, non-descript black man of about 5’11" or 6’. He has short-buzzed black hair, plain features, and eyes usually hidden by mirrorshades. He is most often in a black suit. His age is uncertain—an adult, but he could be placed anywhere from his mid-twenties to up to his mid-forties.


Russ is a construct, manufactured by the Technocracy to be an operative for the Men in Black division of the New World Order. At the time of his assignment to AT-12, he is 5 years old.

Russ has some sort of learning or intellectual disability—his superiors have made no effort to find out what, preferring to code it as some sort of “deep-rooted programming issue” or defect connected to his status as a construct. Summarily he has been given the 5th degree and warned that if he messes up one more time he will be decommissioned.

Despite this, Russ is unfailingly loyal to the Union and believes wholly in their cause, even moreso than you would expect for someone created for this means.

When first assigned to AT-12 their mission is to capture Achilles, the teenage student of the Chakravanti codenamed Odysseus, respectively Sonia Farooqi and Matt Coronas. Their first mission ends up being a cleanup of an excrement deviant’s attack of a mall, missing Sonia completely.

After the cabal breaks, Russ, Xifeng, and Ben find Jacob at Sonia’s house. They question him. When Ben exposes him as a vampire, a confrontation ensues, in which Jacob defeats them and abducts Russ, taking him back to Chicago as the cabal’s hostage (or what remains of the cabal).

He’s treated very kindly, a fact he shares with Jahan when the boy questions him. Jahan is very curious about the fact he is a construct, and while he takes every other indignity without flinching, he is mildly stung to be asked if he’s a person, feeling the need to point out his qualifications of personhood.

Kate obtains information about his status in the Technocracy, as well as the members of his amalgam—Xifeng, Cadence, Ben, and James. Dylan, Will, and Jahan argue about what to do with Russ, including killing him or blood-bonding him to Jacob. Jahan and Will argue to release him.

When Jacob makes a call to Xifeng, Ben is able to track their location. The Technocrats attack, and Russ is release and joins the fray.

During the cabal’s rescue of Jahan, Russ pulls Jahan’s parents out. He arrives too late to stop Cadence from being shot, but after Ben’s warning, shoots Jacob’s gun out of his hand (probably saving his own life). He also drags Ben kicking and screaming out of the fight, almost certainly saving Ben’s.

After they drive off, Dylan drives into their car while struggling with Chad Smith, knocking him and Ben out and badly injuring both. Xifeng escapes relatively uninjured and shoots and kills Smith.

After these events and the simultaneous Virtual Adept raid of the Rock Island Construct, Xifeng is promoted to supervisor and transferred to Cincinnati. Russ goes with her.

During Super Tuesday, Russ is sent into the chantry first as the most expendable one. Unfortunately for him, quick thinking by America seals the entrance, leaving Russ alone against all of the mages of the cabal. Dylan rips off his gas mask, making him vulnerable to the same tear gas he came in with, and America ultimately tranqs him.

After this failed mission, AT-12 is dissolved and its members reassigned to Amalgam WU-51, for general RD control. Currently they are acting as backup to Amalgam QH-97’s pursuit of the Time Marauder Joshua.

Russ has blue blood, and if he is killed he will immediately dissolve into blue ooze, removing any chance at resuscitation. He is Enlightened, and an Initiate of Mind and Entropy and a novice of Correspondence and Time.

During the Juncture, Russ participated in defeating Joshua and Jahan (in one universe actually dying attempting to defeat the other). He was too badly hurt in the primary universe to pursue Jahan afrer Joshua’s defeat, however.

Russ Jones

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