Rick Morgan

The Investigator


Rick is an attractive, light-skinned Latino man with green eyes and a winning smile. He keeps his dark brown hair cut extremely short and his fit, athletic body—unusual for one of the Syndicate—in tailored suits when on duty. He’s 35 years old and stands 6’ tall.


Rick Morgan is an Unenlightened Syndicate Disburser, and Xifeng’s supervisor at the Cincinnati construct. He became her supervisor in early August. Rick is the son of a MUCH higher-ranked, Enlightened Morgan in the same construct.

One of the first things he did was let her know she was one of the most competent people he had ever worked with and that he had profound respect for her.

One of the first things he did not do was ask her to investigate deviant close enough to her apartment that she was the natural choice to be the first one on the scene. If he did, he would have warned her that he had no idea what he was sending her into, but as there were cops chasing a drug addict there, she at least had a better idea than they did until Border Control Division could get there. And if she subsequently went missing for hours, with BCD putting out RD activity all over the city, he would have sent Brendon Bern after her, and turned a blind eye when Charlotte Bailey, then still on mandatory med leave, insisted on going to help.

But he didn’t, because those things never happened for him. They happened for Xifeng, they happened for Charlotte, they happened for Brendon, they even happened for the drug addict, but Rick has no memory of them, and neither do any of the BCD agents. No one has any evidence of mental manipulation—but these things happen when you are dealing with a powerful Time Marauder such as Joshua.

Later, Joshua would cause hundreds of people, including Vic Jacques, to disappear from a carnival, several dozen of them never to return. Xifeng Lin is turned into a cat, and Ben, after having his cover blown, is so nervous he keeps her in his apartment all weekend instead of reporting it to Morgan. Morgan is furious that he left it so long, thinking the Iterator completely incompetent. The Technocrats are able to restore Xifeng, and it is these events that lead them to create Amalgam QH-97 to stop Joshua, under Xifeng’s command and therefore under Morgan’s authority.

Morgan is intrigued by Ben’s fear of being sent to the Men in White, and spends an entire afternoon investigating him. He looks at Ben’s computer usage and sees that Ben has been pulling casefiles on the Men in White, and that this all started happening after the amalgam started emailing with Jahan Meshadi. Resetting Ben’s password, he impersonates Ben and emails Jahan about Stephen Mackenzie.

Shortly after this, Xifeng is driving Morgan and he is staring at her. She can’t stop thinking about the way her previous supervisor propositioned her for sex, and she knows he’s about to come onto her. When the next words out of his mouth are, “How many people know Stephen Mackenzie is a Nephandus?” She almost crashes the car. Morgan reveals he how he deduced it and they both confirm they haven’t told anyone else—a stressful situation for both of them, if either one is an infernalist. Then Morgan admits what she already suspected: he only has his job through nepotism, and he is significantly less qualified to deal with this problem than she is. Xifeng tells him if she’s going to take charge of the problem then he’s going to follow her lead. Morgan defers to her expertise and joins the conspiracy.

Rick Morgan only became a Financier because his father made him, he’s rather unmotivated at his job and has hit a plateau of professional mediocrity. He is, however, very intelligent and deductive, and would probably be much better suited elsewhere if he were doing something he actually liked.

During the Juncture, Rick played a support role.

Rick Morgan

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