Quentin Ramsey

The Believer


Quentin Ramsey is an African-American man in his mid-fifties. He’s tall, at 6’2", and just a bit overweight. As a Master of Entropy, his presence seems… right, as if he were exactly where he should be, his words weighted with importance. As a Master of Mind, he often seems distracted, but his arguments are difficult to ignore or counter, as if he were responding to someone’s thoughts before they can voice them.


Quentin Ramsey is a Man in White of the New World Order stationed in Cincinnati, Ohio. Unlike most members of Psych Ops, he does not cultivate a reputation for being feared, preferring that Technocrats who are sent to him have (or at least believe they had) a positive experience. Powerfully rational, he is a true Technocrat and he makes sure everyone he interacts with is one too. Reconditioning is only the most extreme tool in a Man in White’s repertoire, and he makes use of plenty of more subtle and less stressful techniques.

He has a tendency to take on voluntary reconditioning, instead of involuntary assignments like Jahan or Vic. He was responsible for Ben Bickley’s re-education when Ben converted to the Technocracy while in Cincinnati. When Trista Hanford turned herself in to the Men in Black, he took charge of her case as well.

After Ben’s capture by the Technocracy after the Juncture, he was assigned once again to Quentin for reprocessing. He learned of Ben, Xifeng, and Morgan’s investigation into exposing Mackenzie as a Nephandus. He and two other Men in White abducted Mackenzie from his home and began interrogating him, but that interrogation was cut short when James McAvoy released sarin nerve gas into the room.

Quentin’s status is yet unknown.

Quentin Ramsey

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