Octavia Debussy

The Woman in Grey


Octavia is a tall brunette of 5’8" tall. She has luminous brown eyes set in a no-nonsense face that is beginning to show her age. She wears her hair shoulder-length.


Octavia Debussy is a Woman in Grey assigned to track and capture, or if necessary kill, the Chakravanti codenamed Odysseus, aka Matt Coronas. She has international authority to do so, and has been operating in the United States (including California, Iowa, and Ohio), Thailand, Australia, Japan, and Mexico.

An Enlightened agent, Debussy specializes in profiling and tracking deviants. She has been successful in every tracking assignment (all since she was Enlightened). In fact, Odysseus is her longest case, although she has technically found him several times now, the first at a motel in Davenport, Iowa, where, upon offering him the chance to surrender, he came out with a pair of knives and killed several agents. Since then, she has managed to catch up with him a few times, every time he spends too long in one place.

While she now knows that Sonia Farooqi is Matt’s student, she doesn’t seem interested in capturing her or using her as bait… for now.

During Super Tuesday, when Matt ends the Nephandic attack on the chantry, he announces that Will has been taken by the Nephandi. He references Octavia as the only person he is sure can help him track her down but that she would not help him under any circumstances. He chooses to taken Xifeng hostage instead for her skills as an investigator.

Once Will is rescued and Xifeng is released, Octavia debriefs the agent. Unlike some of the Syndicate, she is entirely unconcerned that Xifeng cooperated, but she calls Xifeng’s guilt-fueled participation in a deviant ritual to heal Alex—after she accidentally mortally wounded Alex—a poor showing of judgment, and thinks Xifeng will lose her promotion. Ultimately, this does not occur.

While reviewing the photographs of the attack on the church, she recognizes Davey Darkefell, and comes to Xifeng to beg a favor. She reveals that she was Davey’s teacher a few years ago. Davey became Enlightened at the age of 12 in the Technocratic paradigm, and she gave him age-appropriate materials to prepare him for a career in the Technocracy as an adult, but he switched sides under the influence of his deviant sister. She asks Xifeng to bring him in if she has the opportunity.

While her primary focus is the Odysseus case, Octavia and her team still works on profiles for deviant and occasionally mundane menaces such as serial killers.

After Matt’s capture by the Technocracy, Matt revealed to Xifeng that Octavia was a Nephandus, and that if she got her hands on him she would torture the information about the Network out of him. Xifeng verified his words by raiding his office, and rescued Matt, shooting Octavia dead.

Octavia Debussy

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