The Debtor


Nina is a mid-sized east Asian woman of about 5’5" tall. She wears her short black hair longer on one side than the other, and an assortment of piercings—a nosering, a lipring, and what look like a large assortment of rings in her exposed ear (they’re actually an ear cuff). All and all she looks like a kid who hasn’t quite decided she’s ready to age out of the punk scene even though she’s probably hit 30. Her jacket is leather and a mess of buckles, her boots are kind of industrial-looking, her fingernails are silver and metallic to match, although at least her pants are stretchy and made for movement.

Typically, if Nina doesn’t have a cigarette, she smells like she’s had one recently.


Nina is an infernalist who tried to stop America Anders and her cabal from rescuing Will Harrison from the Sisters of Mercy church. She and America fought to a near-standstill, something Nina seemed to relish. When America asked why she wasn’t using fire or acid, she said she preferred a more physical touch, but that she was a woman of her word: as she defeated America, she promised she would spare her life.

However, when she found herself attacked by Davey Darkefell in addition to the not-quite-vanquished America, she was more than willing to use magick, including mental command that Davey shrugged off. She was not able to stand against the combined attacks of Davey and America, and America tranquilized her.

When Davey and Sonia meet with Jerusha to confirm the Nephandic ceasefire with the Avengers, Nina is present when Jerusha brings Christine and Gavin to dinner with them to antagonize and rattle them. Davey and Nina are the stabilizing, diplomatic presences in the group. After Jerusha leaves, however, Gavin takes charge, visibly intimidating the much more powerful Nina.

Nina is a member of the Akashic Brotherhood and demonstrates at least a decent command of the Mind sphere, as well as some impressive physical discipline.


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