Mel Clarke

The Mechanic


Mel is a light-skinned woman in her mid-twenties. She stands at 5’5" tall, with frizzy hair usually pulled back into a messy ponytail; it’s brown with some vague attempt at auburn highlighting. Her eyes are a light hazel. Her clothing varies between workshop and some forced attempt at professionalism, but even then her hands are usually dirty. Her fingernails are bitten short.


Melissa Clarke, or Mel as she likes to be called, is an Enlightened Australian Iterator who was assigned to Amalgam WU-51 following its constitution in Cincinnati. While it’s assignment was general reality deviant cleanup, its first mission was backing up AT-12 in taking down Sonia Farooqi and her cabal.

During their first mission, Super Tuesday, America Anders used a foam grenade to seal Russ inside the chantry by himself. Mel used a laser to cut through, and used that same laser to cut through a ether-generated wall Davey Darkefell created to defend the cabal, who had retreated downstairs to the hot tub room. When the Nephandi appeared, Mel attacked Sapphira, who had critically injured her boss, Xifeng. Ultimately she was set on fire several times until the arrival of Matt, who saved her by killing the Nephandus.

After this mission, AT-12 was dissolved and its members placed inside WU-51. Later, when the Marauder Joshua caused the disappearance of several hundred people, including a member of her amalgam, Vic Jacques, WU-51 became backup for a new amalgam, QH-97, charged with taking down the Time Marauder.

Mel perished in the first few days after the Cataclysm.

Mel Clarke

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