Linda McNally

The Protector


Linda is a pale blonde white woman in her early thirties. She is very tall, at 6’1", with broad shoulders and a slender, long-limbed frame. Her skin freckles in the summer. She has light brown eyes.


Linda is a Virtual Adept residing in Springfield, Illinois. She is a Disciple of Correspondence and Spirit (and an Initiate of the Pattern Spheres) who specializes in wards, firewalls, barriers, anything to protect people or data or things. She is one of only a handful of people who knows how to access the Network.

Kate first found her when the cabal needed to go stop Jeffrey, and trusted her enough through mutual acquaintances that she could keep the party calm enough to deal with the dick harassing them. She showed up in person to help them knock him out and get him arrested, but when he turned out to be a Nephandus and nearly overpowered them, Will was forced to melt him with fluorine gas. Linda drove their escape vehicle.

Despite this, she stayed in touch. When Kate, Will, and Jahan needed to physically enter Tecumseh’s Network, she acted as gatekeeper to protect the connection. She was ambushed and knocked offline by Devona, Matt’s Virtual Adept contact, who stole their data about the Network.

When Jahan was take hostage by the Technocrats, Linda and Kate tried to rally the Virtual Adepts to raid the Rock Island Construct in order to provide a distraction for the cabal to rescue him, but Linda only managed to get Davey Darkefell to agree. Kate hatched a plan to get Kibo to sign on, thereby getting everyone to think it was a great idea. They were successful, but the Technocrats got enough information about Linda’s identity and where she was logging in from that she had to go on the run.

She is still free but has been a bit busy dodging Technocrats and Nephandi.

Linda McNally

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