The Batini


Lila is a tall, light-skinned Turkish woman of 5’9". She has medium brown eyes and long, wavy dark hair. At least in the Umbra, Lila had a preference for materialistic, ornamental clothing.


Lila was an Ahl-i-Batin, a member of the Paradise Garden khanate. She first encountered Will and Jacob in the Umbra when they had gone to rescue Alex. She had witnessed Alex captured by Karasi and the barabbi Batini and offered to help them rescue him from them. Jacob correctly inferred that she really intended to kill the barabbi and was not powerful enough to do so on their own, but wanted them to feel indebted to her for graciously offering her help. Nonetheless, they joined forces.

Lila had also perceived, through methods of scrying, that Alex would be approached by two ravens, one a messenger of a good path and one of an evil path, one of hope and one of death. He had been with one when he was captured. Will eventually realized these were Ren and Jared respectively, and Ren accompanied them on the rescue.

After the rescue, most of the barabbi were slain. Karasi, however, fled. Lila went after her with little in the way of farewell. She has not been seen since. Karasi, on the other hand, reappeared in Cincinnati. Lila is presumed slain, but with the Ahl-i-Batin, one can never be too sure…


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