Lacey Norton

The Marine


Lacey is a boyish-looking white woman in her late twenties. She stands at 5’6" and has a slender build. Her hair is dark blonde and her eyes are brown. She is a smoker.


Lacey Norton is an Unenlightened Technocrat and a member of the Void Engineers Convention. She is assigned to the Border Control Division, assigned to stop monsters from coming into Earth. Despite what other Conventions may think, Lacey is extremely well-trained, highly skilled, and extremely experienced, enough to be assigned to Amalgam QH-97, to stop the most powerful Time Marauder on the planet. She is equipped with Devices to aid her to this end.

Like most of QH-97, she doesn’t socialize much with WU-51. Unlike a lot of her amalgam, she is not friendly with Charlotte. She does however get on fairly well with Ben and Mel, when she interacts with WU-51 at all.

During Black Tuesday, she attempts to assassinate Jahan while he is engaged with Thomas but ultimately fails.

Lacey Norton

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