Kristin Wells

The Angel of Waves


Kristin appears as a young woman of middling height. She stands 5’5" and is very heavy for her size. She is abotu 30, with smooth dark skin, straightened black hair, and very dark eyes.


Kristin is a demon, inhabiting the body of a young librarian in Cincinnati. She had a chance encounter with Will over the summer, during which she displayed the abillity to transform her body into water.

Kristin next appears during Black Tuesday, attempting to take Jahan down during his rampage, but is handily defeated. When Jerusha appears she invites her to join the other demon, but Kristin declines. Jerusha leaves her to be taken by the Technocracy, but she is spared by the appearance of C├ęcile Beauchene.

Kristin Wells

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